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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

The Rise (And Rise) Of For Purpose Business

Starting a business with a purpose if not just a fad

Press Release – Eccountability Mastermind platform recently launched its startup with an innovative idea of including a “for purpose” aspect incorporated into the business model from day one. The idea is that small business can make a difference from the beginning and build this into the culture from the start.

Founder Ronan Leonard believe that this notion that we have to make our first million before we give back is outdated. “How can I make a difference and what can I influence now.” We no longer use the term charity or even social enterprise. Instead we think in a more holistic view of the world and our impact as small business owners.

Eccountability’s purpose is to give FREE access to 1 in 6 people on the platform from developing countries, social enterprises or not for profit initiatives. So that we support entrepreneurs globally to help them achieve their true potential. –

The accepted model for philanthropy or giving back is outdated. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates giving pledge is a noble and notable cause,but the idea that you need to make a billion dollars before you can make a difference has radically changed. Obviously the more money they make the more lives they can impact but these numbers are too intimidating for most people. By encouraging small business owners to think about immediate impact, not just when they are close to retirement, they are able to better serve their local community and see tangible results now.

Recent studies all show that millennials don’t want to work for a company that just makes money. Startups looking to attract the best candidates should be thinking about how to really engage with their employees and the for purpose model is a win-win for all involved, staff, customers, community and business owner.

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One Response to The Rise (And Rise) Of For Purpose Business

  • The model is changing more than anything because the old model does not fit anymore in our Reality.
    Survival is as always taking us to innovate ourselves but we are keeping the old model in almost everything but the renewal of the old and not anymore profitable production system.
    But still the real intention behind is not real humanism. The real intention us to humanize as little and as slow as possible.
    If we would be wishing to humanize as soon and as much as possible, it would be already perfectly possible to distinguish the modern companies from the traditional ones.
    The day we have production models oriented to Prosumers rather than Consumers, those will be like a new generation of business model.
    I call that new category of human activity #Easiness and really hope that our kids will read about #Business in their books of Human History as we read today about the times without electricity.
    We are evolving and the only reason for which we are not evolving faster is because we already call ourselves evolved when we have not yet managed even to adapt to the ecosystem we all belong to.
    Our sense of knowledge is taking us away from our natural wisdom as much as we even imagine robots (simple human toys) as more intelligent than ourselves. Go figure where about is our own intuition of ourselves according to the behavior we see ourselves having!
    I find it tragically hilarious and in 3 or 4 generations people will read about us and see how primitive are we still at this early stage of our Human Evolution.
    Remedies are not solutions but helping some is further better than abusing them. So we are indeed on the right direction although not finding the right path, the direct one, the fast lane to enter our next chapter and start to ENJOY the rest of this epic roman called Human Life on Earth.
    Glad to know about your existence and intentions.
    Keep connected. My purpose is to bring many of us into the natural benefit of Unity.

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