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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Reef Life Foundation Founder, Melody Saunders Brenna, Featured At United Nations Event

Press Release – Salt Lake City, Utah – May 30, 2017 – Taking on the challenge of restoring the ocean’s reefs is the greatest endeavor ever attempted by mankind and Reef Life Foundation is taking the challenge head-on presenting its Global solutions for restoring dead and dying reefs as well as introducing reef-friendly products which aid in decreasing the destruction of existing reefs, creating new reefs, and establishing a protocol to help reverse the trends in oceanic aquaculture declination. This will be the topic of discussion on Tuesday, June 6th from 12 pm – 1 pm ET. “ The New Bone Structure of the Oceans, Reef Life Nano Science”

The United Nations Foundation Ocean Conference will be attended by every coastal nation and global Ocean Agencies to formulate the intent and planning for Ocean Restoration to 2050 and beyond. “Our livestreamed Solutions Hour programming will bring ocean solutions and innovations around the world to the mainstage of the SDG Media Zone to highlight global solutions being taken today to protect our precious oceans. This event will take place at the United Nations, in the SDG Media Zone, which will be located in the UNCA Lounge at the UN headquarters in New York.Adrian Greiner, Film Actor and Director, Ocean advocate opens the show and Reef Life Foundation Founder Melody Brenna will be the next interview elucidating the Reef Life ocean habitat restoration structures: Reef Life Foundation Ocean Commitment” Justine Sullivan Digital Media and Communications Manager Climate, Energy, and Environment Initiatives United Nations Foundation

Nano-technology advances in cement formulas have been discovered over the last decade by Dr. Konstantin Sobolev, a prominent research scientist in the field of nano-structures, and a member of the Reef Life Foundation as well. “For over 10 years, new nano-science technologies have been developed which can not only aid in the development of new reef growth, but it can also help reduce the man-made destruction of existing reefs by providing cement structures which are able to attract and grow new corals while filtering out toxic materials which kill corals and fish,” Dr. Sobolev has stated.

“No one else … and I mean no one … has been able to develop a material than can be used in so many applications and situations where reef stability, growth, and expansion is the concern. Reef Life Foundation is proud to announce the first placements of this new oceanic nano material matrix in projects around the world,” according to Melody Saunders Brenna. “With this revolutionary technology, man can now make amends for the unrelenting destruction he has caused to our planet’s most important ecosystem … our oceans.”

“In a few months, this technology will be reversing and growing new corals and new aquaculture so that fishing, underwater exploration and even underwater mining can be minimalized or even completely countered,” Ms. Brenna states. ”Our goal is to provide this world-changing technology to public, private, and other organizations to assist them in countering the destruction of one of the earth’s most precious resources.” Ms. Brenna goes on to state that there is expected to be over $1 Trillion dollars spent in the next decade to improve aquaculture around the world.

“We can generate life where there is currently only death in corals. Fishing populations which are so important to coastal dwellers can be revitalized. Old oil rigs can become aquaculture centers breeding new life and new opportunities to create sustainable farming opportunities. It is time for the world to learn the answer to this endemic, global destruction and Reef Life Restoration working hand-in-hand with Reef Life Foundation can bring this reality to any point on the globe.”

Melody Saunders Brenna and Dr. Konstantin Sobolev have been pioneers in producing new types of cement for commercial applications for over three decades. Dr. Sobolev is an internationally recognized expert in nano-technology as it applies to cement mixtures and applications. For more information go to

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