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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

QuadJobs To Create 10,000 Jobs Before End Of Year

On Demand Job Service For College and Grad Students to Provide Range of Local Jobs

New York, NY – August 4, 2015 – QuadJobs (, the fastest-growing marketplace connecting local employers to college and grad students looking for work, today announced it will be providing 10,000 jobs by the end of 2015 as they expand to campuses throughout North America.

The platform is free for both employers and students. Students turn to QuadJobs for flexible, short-term jobs, such as babysitting, temping, dog-walking, errand-running, party staff, and furniture moving, as well as longer-term positions. Since launching in October 2014, QuadJobs has gained compelling traction: 94% of jobs posted receive multiple applicants within 2 hours, and 91% of jobs posted are awarded through the site. QuadJobs tracks each job a student takes and gathers performance reviews from employers, creating a “JobGPA” seen by employers. As of this month, the company will introduce a free app to conveniently bring all the website’s features to your pocket.

“With 85% of college students in this country receiving financial aid, they need to work but can’t always commit to steady part-time jobs during the school year,” said co-founder Andra Newman, who previously headed recruitment for J.Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch. “Whether they have five hours they can work this semester or five hours this week, we’re unlocking local jobs that fit their schedules.”

“QuadJobs is exactly what I needed,” said Bernadette Boffice, a Biology major at Sacred Heart University who has a 4.0 JobGPA and has worked 17 jobs on QuadJobs. “I can work three jobs on a Saturday if I’m free. It’s a solution for students with busy or changing schedules who need extra income.”

“College and graduate students are uniquely attractive to a wide range of employers,” said co-founder and CEO Betsy O’Reilly, formerly a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank. “From parents looking for fantastic babysitters to small businesses looking for smart help, QuadJobs provides immediate access to a talented labor force that’s previously been difficult to reach. And they see a student’s track record as soon as he or she applies.”

Job creation is central to the QuadJobs mission. “The more time we spend with students, the greater responsibility we feel to help them find jobs,” said co-founder Bridie Clark Loverro, an author and entrepreneur. “These are hardworking kids who really want to get in the game. They’re facing debt and a tough job market. They’re grateful for what QuadJobs provides.”

“I use QuadJobs at home and at work,” said employer Peggy Lanigan, a marketing professional in Chicago. “I’ve been blown away by the quality of the students and their eagerness to do a great job.”

QuadJobs has thousands of registered students and a presence on 300+ campuses. These are numbers that grow daily.


Subscribers: QuadJobs subscribers can post an unlimited amount of job listings per month for free. Once a job is posted, employers are connected with eligible applicants from their community and assess them based on their profile and JobGPA – a track record of past jobs and feedback from past employers. QuadJobs creates a beneficial relationship between employer and employee allowing employers to find applicants and students to gain work experience.

Students: QuadJobs is free to all college and graduate students with an active .edu address. After creating a profile, students have access to hundreds of job postings in their area. Whether it’s long-term or short-term, QuadJobs facilitates students with flexible jobs to fit their hectic schedules. Besides earning some extra cash, QuadJobs gives students the opportunity to connect with respected employers and build their resumes.

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