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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Business Must Scale Up Efforts To Avoid Environmental Calamity, Says Top Bluewater Executive At UN Climate Change Conference

Press Release – Katowice, Poland, December 9, 2018 – Anders Jacobson, President of Bluewater, a world leader in game-changing water technologies and solutions, today told over 600 environmental policy-makers and climate technology innovators that the business community must scale up and speed efforts to help find solutions to tackle a looming plastics calamity.

“Business can and must provide the thought-leadership to create and drive the innovative technologies and solutions required to disrupt an industry that today sees 1.4 billion plastic bottles produced every day, many of which end up in landfill and our oceans,” Anders Jacobson said. He added one consequence is that 83 percent of all tap water on average around the world has been shown to contain micro plastic particles, according to research.

Mr. Jacobson was speaking at the Sustainability Innovation Forum, the largest business-focused event taking place during the United Nations climate change conference underway in the Polish city of Katowice.

Following his keynote presentation, Mr. Jacobson was joined by environment ministers from the UK, Finland and Iceland for a panel discussion on how to tackle single use plastic and its impact on the planet’s oceans.

Noting that pervasive micro plastics are now found literally everywhere on the planet from the water we drink to the food we eat and the air we breathe, Mr. Jacobson said Bluewater daily demonstrates how human ingenuity can deliver tech solutions dramatically cutting the need for throwaway plastic bottles.

Bluewater is a Swedish water technology company, founded in 2013, on a belief that clean water is a basic human right, made sustainably at the source and free from toxic single-use plastics.

Designed for use in homes, businesses and public spaces, Bluewater’s purifiers are today deployed in diverse environments to provide alternatives to plastic bottles at marathons, football matches, music and large-scale yoga events across Asia, the USA, Europe and Africa.

Bluewater does not stop at innovating, making and selling its unique reverse osmosis water purifiers, the company is also spearheading a global movement to enhance human and planetary health by eliminating single-use plastics.

“This action model has already forged high impact partnerships with a range of nonprofits in affected communities like Flint, MI and with global sporting actors like Volvo Ocean Race that produce meaningful and tangible benefits to communities and demonstrate there are technologies and solutions already available today to avoid single-use plastics,” Anders Jacobson said.


Joining Anders Jacobson on the Sustainable Innovation Forum panel discussing how to tackle single use plastic and its impact on the oceans were Dr. Therese Coffey, UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment, Gudmundur Ing Gudbrandsson, Iceland’s Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, and Hanna Pokka, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Finland.

Bluewater is a world leading water purification company with its global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Bluewater innovates, manufactures and comercializes compact water purifiers for residential, business and public use that harness the company’s patented reverse osmosis technology to remove virtually all pollutants from tap water, including lead, bacteria, pesticides, medical residues, chlorine and lime-scale. Please visit us at

Follow us for water-related news on Facebook, Twitter and Wechat (Search ID: Bluewater). Journalists and bloggers can follow our press releases and blogs at And everyone is welcome to enjoy our themed Bluewater music playlist on spotify at BluewaterPure Radio.

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