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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: September 2016

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Nestlé Waters North America Partners with Imagine H2O® to Support Water Innovation

Press Release – Stamford, Conn. and San Francisco, Calif. — September 27, 2016 — Nestlé Waters North America today announced that it is partnering with Imagine H2O® (IH2O), the water innovation accelerator, to help provide entrepreneurs with the resources, insight and visibility needed to launch and scale water solutions. IH2O is a nonprofit organization empowering people to deploy and develop water innovation to solve water challenges.

Nestlé Waters joins IH2O’s “Beta Partner” program, a global network of sector leaders focused on developing and deploying early-stage water technology.

“Providing entrepreneurs with access to customers in strategic markets is critical to our programming,” said Scott Bryan, President, Imagine H2O. “For the beverage industry, engaging water technology startups is an opportunity to advance the market for water innovation and support new solutions to water resource challenges.

“Population growth, urbanization and increasingly volatile weather patterns continue to present challenges with respect to our shared water resources. We must identify and encourage innovation to overcome these challenges,” added Nelson Switzer, Chief Sustainability Officer for Nestlé Waters North America. “Imagine H2O offers its partners an exclusive channel to engage with emerging water entrepreneurs whose technologies have been vetted for both commercial viability and impact. Perhaps more importantly, the Imagine H2O network helps commercialize these critical innovations.”

Since 2009, IH2O has supported over 550 startups in more than 30 countries across a diverse range of sectors, including food and agriculture, water and wastewater treatment, quality monitoring, and water data and analytics. IH2O’s accelerator participants represent one in every 10 dollars of early-stage investment in the water industry.

Nestlé Waters North America is a committed water steward. This includes responsible water management practices and collective action that strive to sustain the quality and quantity of water where the company operates. Nestlé Waters believes it must create shared environmental, social and economic value in the communities where it sources spring water and operates its facilities.

Nestlé Waters North America joins IH2O’s global network of leading organizations in the industrial, agricultural and municipal sectors committed to supporting water entrepreneurs and innovators. The network provides members with accesses to vetted startups and technologies addressing critical water issues.

About Imagine H2O

Imagine H2O (IH2O), the water innovation accelerator, empowers people to deploy and develop innovation to solve water challenges. Recognized as a proven path-to-market for emerging water technology businesses, IH2O partners with leading customers and investors to support entrepreneurs globally. In 2016, IH2O announced a multi-year water data commitment at the White House Water Summit. The initiative supports data-driven solutions in water through a series of programs, including the 2017 California Water Policy Challenge. Join us at

About Nestlé Waters North America

Nestlé Waters North America provides people with an unrivaled portfolio of bottled waters for healthy hydration. Brands such as Nestlé® Pure Life®, Poland Spring®, Perrier® and S.Pellegrino® have driven Nestlé Waters North America to be the third largest non-alcoholic beverage company by volume in the U.S. Based in Stamford, Connecticut with about 8,500 employees nationwide, Nestlé Waters is committed to reducing its environmental footprint across its operations. The company is also committed to creating shared value and being a good neighbor in the 140 communities where it operates in the U.S.

Aleppo, Syria is Experiencing Medical Crisis as Beds/Supplies Are Being Depleted Due to Indiscriminate Mass Airstrikes and Killings

Area hospitals and medics are being pushed to their limits. 


Press Release – Cincinnati, OH – Aleppo is in a state of emergency as area hospitals have run out of beds and patients are receiving surgical operations on hospital floors. Equipment is running low and the airstrikes are at a constant pace in the besieged area of Aleppo. Doctors are stressed out; many have been without sleep for the past 48 hours. In the past weekend alone over 300 civilians have been killed and at least 600 injured, including 44 children.

“What is happening now in Aleppo is nothing short of a human catastrophe, whatever area hospitals that are still operating are running on full capacity, we had two children that had to share a bed and ventilator because of how low our equipment and space is. When you have surgeons operating on patients on the bare floor that is nothing short of a disaster “ said Dr. Bakri M.

This comes as an intense aerial bombing campaign has been raining on the besieged area of Aleppo for the past week, leaving at least 600 civilians dead and over 1600 wounded, at least 80 of those are children, according to reports on the ground.

Bunker busters have also emerged in the past few days, these bombs have the capacity to destroy fortified hospitals, medical points and underground shelters (where tens of thousands are taking shelter) at high risk. In addition, three out of four of the Syrian Civil Defense (The White Helmets) response centers have been attacked leaving one completely destroyed, this will leave many victims out of the reach of emergency response teams.

The water supply station of Bab Nayrab, that provides water to 1.5 million has also been damaged.

For the survival of our patients and staff UOSSM pleads for immediate measures to be taken and asks all citizens to demand this from their governments. UOSSM asks for private and government donations to immediately support clinics in Aleppo. UOSSM will continue its work despite the dangerous conditions and incredible challenges. UOSSM staff is committed to providing care to everyone in need, regardless of race, religion or politics.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, CEO of UOSSM USA said, “These atrocities against humanity are deplorable and unacceptable. Immediate action by the international community, the United Nations, and all responsible parties must be enforced now, we demand swift and immediate action to stop the killing; never before in modern history has this type of mass killing been allowed to happen at such intensity for such an extended period of time without serious action and intervention by the international community. This storyline will never be forgotten; it will go down in history books as a time when all of humanity turned a blind eye to the atrocities in Aleppo. Blood is on everyone’s hands who did not put a stop to the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.”


Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

FULLY operates Bab Al-Hawa Hospital; Major Referral hospital in Northern Syria / serves +14,000 patients and conducts +1,300 surgeries per month
Partially supported 120 hospitals and 200 medical points with $13 M in medications and consumables sufficient to operate 130,000 surgeries
+ 825,000 patients treated at our 9 primary health care centers and 9 mobile clinics with over 1,000,000 consultations
+ 2,872 newborns delivered at the Burnas Maternity Hospital and other UOSSM specialized maternity centers
+ 128,000 people benefitted from our mental health care and psycho-social support centers
+ 9,000 medical staff have been trained and qualified at UOSSM’s training centers

Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s Raise $1.5 Million For U.S. Military Charities

Annual Stars for Heroes fundraising campaign supports the Gary Sinise Foundation, the Stand Up and Play Foundation and USA Cares

Press Release – CARPINTERIA, Calif.— September 27, 2016 – CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. (“CKE”), parent company of Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s® today announced that its annual Stars for Heroes™ in-store fundraising campaign raised $1.5 million in 2016—up from 2015’s $1.4 million—to benefit U.S. military veterans and their families. Funds raised will support national charity partners, Gary Sinise Foundation, Stand Up and Play Foundation, and USA Cares, as well as dozens of regional and local military-focused charities in the communities that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s serve.

“Since the program’s launch in 2011, Stars for Heroes has harnessed the national reach of CKE’s company operated and franchised restaurants, as well as the generosity of customers to raise over $6.5 million cumulatively,” said Andy Puzder, chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants. “Each year brings more success and this trend of exemplary performance would not be possible without the support and leadership of both John Nelson, President of the Star Franchise Association and Nick Shurgot, President of the Independent Hardee’s Franchise Association, as well as our employees, franchisees and restaurant crews.”

The campaign, which ran from May 25 – June 1, encouraged restaurant guests to donate $1 and receive a commemorative “Stars for Heroes” cutout to personalize and place on display in the restaurant. As a thank you for their donation, customers received $10 worth of Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s coupons to use toward future purchases.


Over the last five years, CKE has proudly supported USA Cares, a non-profit organization that helps post-9/11 military families bear the burdens of service with financial and advocacy support. Its mission is to help with basic needs during financial crisis, to assist combat injured veterans and their families and to prevent private military home foreclosures and evictions.

“USA Cares is honored to work with the CKE franchise community, the employees, and compassionate customers, to make a significant difference for a significant number of military veterans and their families. The support from the Stars for Heroes program has empowered USA Cares to answer more calls for immediate financial relief, and provide the assistance these veterans need to get back on their feet. CKE has taken the lead to ‘pay it forward’ to assist these military families in crisis, and they truly value those that served our Nation,” said Hank Patton, executive director of USA Cares.

In addition to USA Cares, CKE selected the Gary Sinise Foundation as its second national beneficiary in 2016. The Gary Sinise Foundation serves our nation through honoring defenders, veterans, first responders, their families and those in need by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen and build communities.

“We are so honored to be recognized by CKE Restaurants as one of the beneficiaries of this generous donation,” said Gary Sinise, founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation. “These funds will allow us to continue and expand our efforts to help those who serve this great nation.”

The Stand Up and Play Foundation was also selected as a 2016 national beneficiary and will receive Stars for Heroes funds for their own tireless work to support veterans in need. The Stand Up and Play Foundation assists wheelchair users and veterans with impaired mobility by providing access to a unique piece of equipment, the Paramobile, that allows them to stand up and play sports and engage in everyday activities. The foundation provides the unique combination of the Paramobile, adaptive equipment and well trained volunteers to give users unimagined levels of freedom and independence.

“We are truly thankful for CKE’s commitment and dedication to the veteran community,” said Anthony Netto, founder of the Stand Up and Play Foundation. “Due to this year’s record-breaking Stars for Heroes campaign, we expect to equip 40 people with life-changing Paramobiles.

In addition to these national beneficiaries, dozens of other regional charities across the country were also selected by the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s franchise associations to receive funds.

For full press release information, please visit:

Water Leaders Chart Sustainable Future for Water

Press Release – Brisbane, 27 September 2016 – More than 5,000 water experts, industry professionals and political leaders from over 100 countries will come together at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia from 09 – 14 October, 2016, to find and define new solutions to tackle the global water crisis.

Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director of the International Water Association, said, “Water security is a top global risk. Water scarcity has become a seasonal certainty in some parts of the world. In Brisbane the world’s leading water professionals will for the first time host a summit dedicated to drought action and delivering a sustainable water future.”


The Congress will review the latest scientific findings and share knowledge on leading edge water technologies, and propose effective regulatory systems to manage water and sanitation in a period of unprecedented water challenges. These include growing competition for water resources from industry, agriculture, nature and cities; all of which are impacted by climate change, population growth, changing consumption patterns and rapid urbanization.

The Congress is timely, coming shortly after governments around the world adopt the Sustainable Development Goals which will set the global development agenda until 2030. The Goals present an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure the sustainability of water for the future, and to address the biggest challenges facing the water sector:

  • Billions of people still lack access to basic water supply and sanitation;
  • Increasing water scarcity and the risk of droughts and floods affecting every corner of the globe with major economic impacts;
  • Rising demand for water from agriculture, industries, cities and the environment is rapidly outpacing the water available;
  • 80% of wastewater is untreated, threatening communities, businesses and the environment.

Water has a critical role to play in every major global debate currently underway – from climate change and the green economy; industrialisation and urbanization; human health and food production; economic development and regional stability. The Congress is hosted in Brisbane, Australia, a country with extensive experience of effectively combating water scarcity and drought.

Joyful Heart Foundation Celebrates $13 Million Awarded to Support Comprehensive Rape Kit Reform

Press Release – September 26, 2016: The Joyful Heart Foundation, one of the leading advocacy organizations working toward nationwide rape kit reform, today applauded awards by the federal government of more than $13 million in grants to address the backlog of untested sexual assault kits at law enforcement agencies. A full list of recipients is available here.

“We are grateful to President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the congressional leaders who continue to make ending the rape kit backlog a priority. Focusing a national effort on comprehensive reform demonstrates a commitment to survivors that we will do everything possible to bring healing and justice,” said Maile M. Zambuto, Chief Executive Officer of Joyful Heart. “Testing rape kits sends a fundamental and crucial message to victims of sexual violence: You matter. What happened to you matters.”

DNA evidence is an invaluable investigative tool. When tested, rape kit evidence can identify an unknown assailant, reveal serial offenders, and exonerate the wrongly convicted. Yet, there are thousands upon thousands of rape kits sitting untested in police storage facilities across the country representing thousands of leads to investigate, survivors to re-engage with compassion and care, and cases to prosecute.

This work takes political will, but it also takes significant resources. This is the second year that the federal government has invested dollars – through the Justice Department’s new Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) – to provide local communities with resources to support multidisciplinary community response teams engaged in the comprehensive reform of jurisdictions’ approaches to sexual assault cases. This includes testing backlogged kits; investigating and prosecuting cases connected to the backlog; and addressing the need for victim notification and re-engagement with the criminal justice system.

Testing rape kits is just the first step to comprehensive reform. Once the problem is acknowledged and the first kits are sent for testing, cities are left with the enormous task of finding a way to test all of the rape kits in their storage facilities, and figuring out how to investigate and prosecute these cases, re-engage survivors in the process and address any systemic failures that led to the creation of the problem in the first place.

“Ending the rape kit backlog will take a coordinated effort and deep commitment at all levels of our government and in communities across the United States,” added Sarah Haacke Byrd, Joyful Heart’s Managing Director. “We remain committed to working with jurisdictions who are ready to engage in true, meaningful and survivor-centered reform.”

Joyful Heart serves as a technical advisor for SAKI grantees, with a focus on victim notification. Given the lack of scholarly research examining and suggesting best practices for victim notification, Joyful Heart and partner Dr. Courtney Ahrens brought together more than 90 survivors and criminal justice, medical, academic, clinical and advocacy professionals to establish a set of best practice recommendations for victim notification. The result, Navigating Notification, helps jurisdictions working to eliminate their backlogs of untested rape kits to create survivor-centered, trauma-informed policies and protocols for victim notification.

In the last two years, 21 states passed laws requiring sexual assault kit audits or some type of mandatory submission guidelines. These laws will expand what we know about the true extent of the number of untested rape kits and will result in thousands of cases for law enforcement to investigate and prosecute in addition to their current cases.

Joyful Heart has created the only national resource on the rape kit backlog, which includes an interactive map and resources for survivors, legislators, and the media. Learn more at:

This article was originally published here.

Global Impact Investing Network Launches Sustainable Development Goals Campaign to Harness Untapped Potential of Investment Capital

The GIIN Asks Private Capital Investors to Participate In Impact Investing To Drive Success Of The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Press Release – NEW YORK, N.Y. – September, 14, 2016 – The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) today is launching a campaign to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by calling on asset owners and managers around the world to channel their capital into impact investments. In addition to issuing a call to action, the GIIN is publishing a series of investor profiles to highlight successes of the impact investing industry.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals address poverty, the environment, gender equality, clean water, housing, infrastructure, and many other important issues. They are as far-reaching as they are ambitious, and if the world is to make real progress on sustainability by the stated goal of 2030, then it must be “all hands on deck.” That is why the GIIN’s CEO, Amit Bouri, has published an op-ed in Institutional Investor, ‘The U.N.’s SDGs Deliver a Capital Call to the World,’ which calls on the financial industry to take a larger role in impact investing with the goal of aiding the SDGs.

This September marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of the SDGs; it is also when global leaders are gathering to address progress on these goals at the UN General Assembly in New York. As the world strives to meet these important goals, the GIIN wants to ensure that the financial industry does not remain on the sidelines. Through impact investing, the financial industry has shown that it can be a tremendous force for good in effecting positive change.

“We support the United Nations in recognizing the critical role of the private sector in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Amit Bouri, CEO of the GIIN. “If sufficient investment capital can be channeled to these goal areas through impact investing, the SDGs are achievable. We need more of the world’s investors to join in this world-changing initiative if we’re going to make the SDGs a reality. There’s no time to waste.”

The GIIN, a nonprofit organization that manages a membership of over 220 impact investing organizations across 33 countries, is also making available several compelling profiles featuring leading impact investors who have aligned their investments with the SDGs and have made headway in addressing many of these very important global issues. These profiles illustrate the benefits for investors aligning with the SDGs. These investor profiles will be available on the GIIN’s website and representatives of these investors will be available to brief the media.

“We are delighted to showcase select impact investors, who demonstrate both the power of impact investing to change our world and the benefits to impact investors to align their goals with the SDGs,” said Bouri.

About the GIIN

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments can be made in both emerging and developed markets, and target a range of returns from below-market to market-rate, depending upon investors’ objectives. The GIIN builds critical infrastructure and supports activities, education, and research that help accelerate the development of a coherent impact investing industry. For more information, please visit

KaBOOM! Watch Target Volunteers and Friends Bring Three New Minneapolis Play Spaces to Life

Press Release – September 23, 2016: From tic tac toe boards, to tire swings, to gardens and more—Minneapolis communities just cut the ribbons on three exciting new places that will help more than 6,000 kids learn and play. On Sept. 16, about 500 Target volunteers rallied together at three local sites to build brand-new playgrounds and other elements. They’re just three of the 175 unique play spaces Target plans to build across the U.S. this year as part of our ongoing work with KaBOOM! The nonprofit creates community spaces to play while inspiring kids and families to boost their physical activity—and we’re proud to count them among our recently announced wellness partners.

At Sabathani Community Center, volunteers kicked off their build event with a visit from Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and Senator Amy Klobuchar. Along with the new playground, they added other unique elements, including an indoor track, Energi Jr. fitness equipment, and a Rigamajig building kit to help kids learn about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Across the city, volunteers also participated in builds at Waite House—part of Pillsbury United Communities, and Northeast College Prep School, where teams also built community gardens that will provide students with healthy food options. And—surprise!—our beloved mascot Bullseye stopped by each of the sites to visit volunteers and meet the kids who helped design the playgrounds.

From start to finish, our volunteers brought the play spaces to life in just a few hours. Check this photo gallery to see the builds in action:

Target is also a proud sponsor of KaBOOM!’s Play Everywhere Challenge, which empowers cities to turn everyday spaces into play areas that encourage more families to fit more play (and all the joy it brings) into their everyday lives. The program challenged applicants to submit their bright ideas for turning everyday spaces in their city into awesome places to play—even in unexpected places like bus stops, in laundromats, at grocery stores or in alleyways. A panel of judges, including Jennifer Silberman, Target’s vice president of sustainability & wellness, helped KaBOOM! select 50 winners for 2016—meet them here and read about the play spaces they dreamed up.

“The Target team is excited to help reimagine the future of play by co-creating these unique spaces with local communities,” says Laysha Ward, chief corporate social responsibility officer, Target. “We know how important wellness is to our team members, guests and communities, and we believe it begins where they live, learn, work and play. By teaming up on playground builds, programs like Play Everywhere and more, we can do our part to make a difference.”

The KaBOOM! partnership is just one way Target is committed to making wellness attainable for all. In fact, we plan to invest up to $40 million this year to organizations across the country helping communities provide kids and families more choices to increase their physical activity and eat healthy every day. Meet more of Target’s wellness partners and find out how we’re teaming up to make an impact.

The playground builds were just some of the community events taking place that day—thousands of volunteers from across the country were out in celebration of Target’s Community Day, a full day of volunteerism and other acts of kindness, as part of last week’s Fall National Meeting.

“I want to say a big thank-you to all of our incredible Target volunteers who stepped up to serve on Community Day, and who dedicate time and talent in their communities all throughout the year,” Laysha says. Check out the hashtag #WeAreTarget to see more volunteer activities team members took part in across the country.

This article was originally published here.

Ahead of Schedule, Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare Supports its 1,000th Doctoral Scholar

$25M Philanthropic Gift Prepares Healthcare Workforce for Today and Tomorrow

Press Release – NEW YORK, September 26, 2016 – With today’s announcement that 440 new Jonas Scholars have begun their doctoral work, the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare has achieved its ambitious goal to prepare more than 1,000 nurse faculty and clinical leaders nationwide.

“Nurses are the backbone of the American healthcare system and underappreciated by the public,” says Donald Jonas, who co-founded the Center with Barbara Jonas, his wife. “It is essential that we support nurses and the vital role they play in our hospitals, schools, clinics, nursing homes and on the battlefield”

The newest candidates for the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program and Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program arrive amid a surge in aging adults with complex health needs and an increase in military veterans with unprecedented injuries. While 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day [1], 53 percent of working nurses [2] and 72 percent of full-time nursing faculty are over age 50. [3] Further, a faculty vacancy rate of 6.9 percent 4 resulted in nearly 69,000 qualified applicants turned away from nursing baccalaureate and graduate programs in 2014.5

In response, the Jonas Center planned to direct close to $14 million plus another $10.5 million in leveraged funds to prepare 1,000 nurse faculty and clinical leaders by 2020. Darlene Curley, MS, RN, and CEO of the Jonas Family Fund and Executive Director of the Jonas Center, confirms today that the just-announced group of 440 scholars brings that dream to fruition four years ahead of schedule and, appropriately, during the Center’s 10th anniversary year.

This newest group of Scholars represent 145 leading universities in all 50 states. The Scholars are supported by Jonas Center Foundation partners including Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation, The Ahmanson Foundation, May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust and The Geneva Foundation.

“Over the last decade, we have brought together numerous foundations and organizations with a shared vision to support our nation’s nurses, and our work has always been based equally on head and heart – on what research and instinct told us was needed,” said Donald Jonas “The results of those collaborations – and dreams – have far exceeded what we ever thought possible.”

[1] Pew Research Center, Baby Boomers Approach 65 – Glumly: Survey Findings about America’s Largest Generation, (December 2010)

[2] The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and The Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers 2013 National Workforce Survey of RNs.

[1],3,4 American Nurses Association, “FAST FACTS – The Nursing Workforce 2014: Growth, Salaries, Education, Demographics & Trends.

[5] American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Jackson Browne, Karen O and Blake Mills Shine At The Sold Out D’Addario Benefit Concert In Brooklyn

“Music Makes You” Raises $160,000 In Support Of Music Education


Last Thursday night, GRAMMY nominated producer, songwriter and guitarist Blake Mills led an all-star cast of musicians for a special night of music that raised $160,000 in support of music education.

One of the many highlights from “Music Makes You,” the benefit concert put on by the D’Addario Foundation, included an impromptu performance by Jackson Browne, who joined Mills and Lucius for a special rendition of “Willin’.” Jackson also joined Mills, Lucius, Smokey Hormel, Marc Ribot and Julian Lage for “Take It Easy.”


Comedian Seth Herzog earned laughs throughout the night with his charming and high energy hosting duties.

Unlike many foundations, 100% of every dollar the D’Addario Foundation raises goes directly to programs on the frontlines, translating into thousands of children who have access to the impact of music education.

Not only did the audience help ensure thousands of kids have access to quality music instruction, they were treated to an inspiring performance by Brooklyn’s Lucius who brought down the house with “Dusty Trails.” While Karen O and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed beautiful acoustic versions of “Gold Lions” and “Hideaway.”

Other high points included an all-star performance by Hormel, Ribot, Lage and Mills, who performed one-of-a-kind versions of Lonnie Johnson’s “Tomorrow Night” and Duke Ellington’s “Blues In Blueprint” and wowed audiences with their skillful harmonization and synchronized guitar work.


GRAMMY winner Janis Ian performed her #1 hit single “At Seventeen” also treated the audience with an exceptional performance.  As did Kaki King, who performed  “Tiny Pan,” which fully backs up Rolling Stone’s decision to list King as one of the “New Guitar Gods,” on which King is the sole woman and youngest artist on the list.


About the D’Addario Foundation

You may know D’Addario as a string company but for over thirty years, they’ve been fierce advocates of music education because of its power to affect positive social change, particularly in underserved communities. Through the D’Addario Foundation, they’ve touched the lives of thousands of kids by giving 10% of their net profits each year to over 200 of the best grassroots programs in the world. Unlike many foundations, 100% of every dollar goes directly to programs on the frontlines, translating into thousands of children who have access to the impact of music education.

Cleaning Business Donates to Cancer Patients Ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Two Maids & A Mop Teams Up with Be a Friend Cancer Support and Cleaning for a Reason

Press Release – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (October 2016) – This October, Two Maids & A Mop in Montgomery is excited to partner with Be a Friend ministry to provide free, hand-crocheted shawls and blankets to customers who are undergoing cancer treatments in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Two Maids & A Mop provides complimentary cleaning services for cancer patients as part of their partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit organization that coordinates a network of cleaning agencies across North America to provide free services for women with cancer.

The partnership between Two Maids & A Mop and the Be a Friend ministry came about naturally. Louise Kornos, founder of the cancer support ministry, is a breast cancer survivor who recently hired Two Maids & A Mop to clean her house. During the initial consultation, Kornos noticed a pink breast cancer support ribbon on the company’s business cards and asked for more information. Upon learning about Two Maids and a Mop’s involvement with Cleaning for a Reason, Kornos wanted to get involved.

“We are very excited to be working with the Be a Friend ministry,” says Dana Simpson, owner of Two Maids & A Mop in Montgomery. “Louise has kindly approached us about providing shawls for our Cleaning for a Reason customers and we couldn’t be more excited. Those women are going through a lot and we’re happy to be able to provide them some comfort.”

Two Maids & A Mop are known for offering high quality cleaning services throughout the country. Each franchise location employs insured and bonded cleaners to ensure the best experience possible for their customers. Two Maids & A Mop values community involvement, and are excited about the new partnership with Be a Friend.

About Two Maids and A Mop

Two Maids & A Mop is a residential cleaning franchise headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The first location opened its doors more than 10 years ago in Pensacola, Florida, and currently serves 18 markets across the United States. The company landed on Inc. magazine’s list of 10 Franchises That Swept the Nation in 2015. In 2013, the same magazine named Two Maids & A Mop the fastest-growing cleaning company in America.

About Be a Friend Cancer Support Ministry:

Be a Friend Cancer Ministry is a small charity organization local to Montgomery, Alabama. The ministry knits and crochets prayer shawls and blankets to be donated to women undergoing cancer treatments.

About Cleaning For A Reason

Cleaning For A Reason is a nonprofit organization that serves the United States and Canada. Our mission is to give the gift of free house cleaning for women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Our goal is to let these brave and strong women focus on their health and treatment while we focus on, and take away the worry and work of, cleaning their homes – free of charge. We have recruited over 1,200 maid services to donate free housecleaning to women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Since 2006, our partner maid services have volunteered their time to clean for over 21,000 women – valued at over $5,800,000.

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