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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: May 2014

2014 Auction Napa Valley Sold Out – E-Auction Bidding Opens June 1

Can’t be there? You can still “e-there” and support healthcare and children’s education

5/22/2014 – St. Helena, CA — Although Auction Napa Valley, the Napa Valley Vintners’ (NVV) annual charity wine fundraiser is sold-out, wine lovers from around the world can still join the excitement via the E-Auction.

The Auction Napa Valley E-Auction opens on Sunday, June 1 at noon PDT and this year features a record 177 lots. Bidders anywhere in the world have the chance to acquire extraordinary and often one-of-a-kind wines and experiences with vintners and winemakers, while supporting healthcare and children’s education nonprofit organizations. The e-gavel comes down on Sunday, June 8 beginning at noon PDT. Lots can be viewed and bids placed at

In addition to each package showcasing Napa Valley’s coveted wines, more than 80% of this year’s E-Auction lots feature a vintner and/or winery experience not available to the general public, creating very personal connections with the Napa Valley winemaking community. Categories include:

  • Instant Cellars (24 or more bottles of wine)
  • Verticals (some quite rare and many older vintages)
  • Insider Experiences (often meals with vintners in private Napa Valley locations)
  • Sleepovers (Wine Country overnight accommodations, many at winery guest houses never seen by the public)
  • Big Bottles (large format bottles, many of which are not otherwise available)
  • Collaboration (where multiple wineries are involved, often with a common theme)

“If you like the thrill of the bid and want to try your hand at nabbing great Napa Valley wines and experiences from anywhere you and your computer or smartphone happen to be, then the E-Auction is the virtual auction house where you want to be,” notes Valerie Gargiulo, an owner of Gargiulo Vineyards and a co-honorary chair of Auction Napa Valley 2014. “Your gain is also that of the tens of thousands of people who benefit from Auction Napa Valley proceeds.”

A contribution of any amount can be made to Lot 301, the Fund-A-Need lot, which goes toward lifting children in the Napa Valley community out of poverty and helping them to lead healthy and successful lives.

Auction Napa Valley is the NVV’s annual community fundraiser that for more than 30 years has utilized the worldwide reputation of Napa Valley wines and the scenic beauty of the region to raise funds to enhance the health and wellbeing of the Napa Valley community. To date, the NVV has invested more than $120 million from Auction Napa Valley proceeds in Napa County nonprofit organizations.

About the Napa Valley Vintners

The Napa Valley Vintners nonprofit trade association has been cultivating excellence for 70 years by inspiring its 500 members to produce consistent quality wines, provide environmental leadership and care for the extraordinary place they call home. Learn more at

View photo gallery of 2014 E-Auction lots

View the E-Auction lots

Miami Children’s Hospital Hosts Its First Prom and Gives Teen Patients a Magical Evening

Thanks to a generous donation by the Carlin family to Miami Children’s Health Foundation, teens will get to enjoy an experience of a lifetime

MIAMI, May 28, 2014 – Thanks to a generous donation by the Carlin family to Miami Children’s Health Foundation, approximately 75 Miami Children’s Hospital teen patients and their guests will attend prom and will be treated extra special for one night.

“We are so thankful for the incredible donation from the Carlin family, who are making our first prom a reality,” said Lucy Morillo, president and CEO, Miami Children’s Health Foundation. “Their generous donation of $300,000 to the foundation it’s also giving us the opportunity to continue hosting proms at Miami Children’s Hospital for the next four years.”

Current and recent chronic hospitalized teen patients will enjoy a Mad Hatter-themed prom, complete with an AstroTurf “red carpet,” where they will flaunt their new looks. To ensure that guests will have a true prom experience, Miami Children’s Hospital is having a dinner for the parents of the prom-goers where they will be able to watch exciting prom arrivals via live stream.

“As with any parents, there’s nothing more important to us than our children’s health and happiness,” said Adam and Chanin Carlin. “Miami Children’s is already doing such an incredible job taking care of all of our children’s health, perhaps we could make a difference for these children in helping to create a very special night of fun and happiness. We realized that many children, as a result of an illness, may not have had the opportunity to attend their prom and we decided to do something about it through Miami Children’s Health Foundation. We just want these extraordinary children to have an amazing night and be able to forget about everything else happening in their lives.”

Additionally, Miami Children’s Health Foundation has received overwhelming support from national and local businesses that are willing to donate their time and services. Volunteers, including nurses, doctors, social workers and Child Life Specialists will make this prom a success.

“For the first time, Miami Children’s Hospital teen patients will truly enjoy a rite of passage and celebrate like teenagers, not patients,” said Susan Kinnebrew, director of Child Life. “It takes lots of effort to put together a prom of this magnitude and to make it truly special. We are very thankful for everyone that is volunteering their time to come together for the children.”

Paul Mitchell and Mary Kay stylists will be responsible for pampering and giving the prom attendees makeovers to get them ready for the special night. Television personality and Miami-based Chef Adrianne Calvo will cater the prom, and TheOfficeCake.Com will provide desserts. Also, the Foundation will surprise attendees with the gift that keeps on giving, their very own Cruciani 2gether Bracelet, thanks to a donation by Eric and Alexandra Fabrikant. Prom attendees will also dance the night away to the tunes of popular DJ Vertigo, the official Miami Marlins spinner. Other inaugural sponsors include, Peace Love World, Wow Factor and Logistical Outsourcing. To learn more about the MCH Foundation and offer support, visit or call 305.666.2889 (toll free: 1.800.987.8701).

Carlin family presenting check donation to the Miami Children’s Health Foundation:

The Freedom Loan Fund Campaign

89 year-old and 10 year-old team up to raise funds for former child slaves who are now starting business co-ops in Nepal.

Campaign features intro of the new Make a Stand mobile crowdfunding app.

Sausalito, CA (May 21, 2014) – In June, 10-year old social entrepreneur Vivienne Harr and her company Make a Stand Lemon-aid will help lead The Freedom Loan Fund Campaign, a month-long effort to raise $40,000 for a micro-loan fund that is helping young women
who grew up as child slaves in Nepal start their own businesses.

More than 12,000 girls have been rescued from the Kamlari system of slavery by the Nepal Youth Foundation, founded in 1990 by Olga Murray of Sausalito at age 65. At age 89, Olga is still working each day to improve the lives of children in Nepal.

Together, Olga and Vivienne will raise money for the business co-op loan fund that is helping thousands of freed Kamlaris build a better life and lift their communities out of poverty so that slavery will never happen in Nepal again.

Vivienne will be using a beta version of the new Make a Stand mobile crowdfunding app. This new mobile technology allows anyone to “make a stand — wherever you stand” in just 3 steps and 30 seconds, from their phone.

“We’re making this great new app so that anyone can make a stand for what they believe in,” said Vivienne. “With the Make a Stand app, you don’t have to be big or powerful to change the world. You can be just like me!”


  • Freedom Loan Fund Campaign – A national online fundraising campaign led by Nepal Youth Foundation with support from Make a Stand Lemon-aid that will raise money for the freed Kamlari business co-op loan fund. Campaign website goes live on June 1, 2014 at:
  • Make a Stand app – The campaign will feature the new mobile crowdfunding technology that empowers anyone, anywhere to make a stand for their chosen cause from their smartphone in 3 steps and 30 seconds.


  • The Freedom Loan Fund Campaign launches on June 1, 2014. Olga Murray, Vivienne Harr, and her father Eric Harr, founder and CEO of Make a Stand, Inc., will be available for interviews during the first two weeks of June.


  • Nepal – where the former Kamlari slaves are starting their own businesses.
  • United States – where the national online fundraising campaign will take place.
  • Sausalito, CA – where Olga, Vivienne and Eric will be available for interviews.


  • Vivienne Harr, age 10, founder of Make A Stand, Inc. (; featured in the new film #standwithme (
  • Olga Murray, age 89, founder and honorary president of Nepal Youth Foundation ( Since 2000, NYF has rescued more than 12,000 girls from Kamlari slavery and was instrumental in motivating the government of Nepal to officially abolish the Kamlari system in June 2013.
  • Eric Harr, father of Vivienne and founder of Make a Stand, Inc., a certified B corporation ( Eric is a social media marketing expert who was founder and president of Resonate Digital.


  • Girls in Nepal who were rescued from Kamlari slavery are becoming powerful young women who are starting their own businesses with help from a co-op loan fund started by Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF).
  • The freed Kamlari business co-op is already a success, but the loan fund doesn’t have enough money to help all of the young women who want to start a business.
  • The Freedom Loan Fund Campaign will raise money to ensure that every former child slave in Nepal will have a chance to start a business and make a new life.


“Girls can do anything. All you need to do is make a stand for them — and that’s just what I am going to do!”

Vivienne Harr, Founder of Make a Stand, Inc.

“We’re developing a simple, mobile technology to that allows anyone to choose their cause and make a stand — wherever they stand. This technology makes good on the long-held promise that one person can change the world. Vivienne loves Nepal Youth Foundation, so she will choose a photo of the Kamlari girls and make a stand for them using the Make a Stand mobile app. It will be beautiful to behold.”

Eric Harr, Founder and CEO of Make a Stand, Inc.


Read about NYF’s Empowering Freed Kamlaris program. Photos are available by request. Read Olga’s story about attending Nepal’s first Freed Kamlari Day in January 2014.

Read about the Make a Stand App.

How Men Can Help Guard Against Poverty in Their Golden Years

Insurance Industry Expert Shares 3 Tips During Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month, a reminder for men to do the things that they generally don’t do as well as women: getting screened for conditions that, detected early, are easily treated; seeking education about health issues, and supporting each other’s well-being.

If being happier with good health isn’t enough, then men should consider the extraordinarily high medical cost of poor health – especially during the retirement years, says insurance industry expert Chris Orestis.

“Just one health incident can wipe out an individual’s savings, leaving little money for living expenses,” says Orestis, a longtime industry insider and author of “Help on the Way,” (, which explains the problem of funding long-term care and offers solutions.

“That can mean a major loss of independence, from having to move in with a son or daughter or worse. Baby Boomers, who are retiring in droves, have about 8 percent less wealth than those 10 to 15 years older than them, partly because of the recent recession.”

In addition to taking care of their health, retired and soon-to-be-retired men can avoid flirting with poverty by exercising some financial options. Orestis reviews three of them.

  • Hold off on collecting Social Security until age 70. The life expectancy for men today is 76, an increase from past years, and it’s expected to continue to climb. If you’re worried about outliving your money, hold off on collecting Social Security benefits early (age 62), which results in up to 30 percent less benefits. People born from 1943 to 1959 are eligible for full benefits at 66, and those born in 1960 or later are eligible at 67. However, if you wait until age 70, you can receive up to 8 percent more in benefits.
  • Turn your life insurance into a long-term care fund. Instead of abandoning a life insurance policy because you can no longer afford the premiums, policy owners can convert a portion of the death benefit value into a Life Care Benefit – Long Term Care Benefit Plan ( The money is deposited into a fund earmarked for paying for private duty in-homecare, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and hospice care. By converting a life insurance policy, a senior does not have to resort to Medicaid and the many restrictions that come with it, but will still be Medicaid-eligible when the benefit is spent down.
  • Consider investing part of your portfolio in fixed-rate indexed annuities: Having all of your retirement savings in stocks exposes retirees and pre-retirees to too much risk. As you get closer to retirement age, it’s important to find alternatives that provide for growth while protecting savings. Fixed-rate indexed annuities – money loaned to an insurance company that guarantees payments over a specified length of time — allows you to forecast the income you’ll generate. Fixed-rate indexed annuities have a ceiling on interest rates, but they also have a floor. Your principal is safe and you can ride an up market without the risk.

About Chris Orestis

Chris Orestis, nationally known senior health-care advocate, expert, and author is CEO of Life Care Funding, (, which created the model for converting life insurance policies into protected Long-Term Care Benefit funds. His company has been providing care benefits to policyholders since 2007. A former life insurance industry lobbyist with a background in long-term care issues, he created the model to provide an option for middle-class people who are not wealthy enough to pay for long-term care, and not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid.

Escape for Good 2014 Raises $36,000 For Charities In Just 36 Hours Over Memorial Day

Teams Raced from New Orleans to Detroit With No Cash, Just Support of the Public

New York, May 27, 2014 – In just 36 hours over the Memorial Day weekend, the eight Escape for Good participants raised a total of over $36,000 for their favorite charities. By utilizing the power of social media for social good, two-person teams raced from New Orleans to Detroit with no money in their pocket and dressed as their favorite heroes. The participants made the thousand-plus mile trek in under two days using their wit, power of persuasion and the good will of others to win big in the name of charity.

In a race that was too close to call, the winning teams Cowabunga and Make a Stand split the bonus grand prize of $20,000 for their charities Project Mercy and Marin Community Foundation, respectively. Runners-up Epic Change, a team made up of actors Jeremiah Bitsu (“Breaking Bad”) and Estrella Nouri, won the bonus $5,000 for Charity: Water. Escape’s founder and creative director, Rocco Gardner and his business/race partner John “Buck” Buckmaster raised almost $5,000 for Sweet Relief. The Seminole Tribe of Florida generously donated the bonus prizes.

As teams travelled from the South through the Midwest, they called upon their followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to do their part to support the teams’ charities. Celebrities who answered the call included Akon, Albert Hammond Jr., Stephen Merchant, Neon Tree’s Tyler Glenn, and Chloe Norgaard who urged their over 7 million combined Twitter followers to help the Escape teams raise money and people listened. As the teams hustled their way up the Midwest corridor to the Motor City, they received more than $11,000 in outside donations. The exhausted teams crossed the finish line at Exodus in Detroit around 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

“Escape for Good was 36 hours of pure adrenaline,” said Greg Delaune of the Make a Stand team. “It was an extraordinary opportunity to support Make A Stand and their global effort to fight child slavery, while also showcasing the entrepreneurship, innovation, and vitality of New Orleans and Detroit.”

Contestants captured the adventure with their smart phones, keeping their audience up-to-date on all that was happening from singing in New Orleans’ Jackson Square to hanging out with Elvis in Graceland.

Escape Founder Rocco Gardner said, “This was our best race yet! We are working on ways to re-think how people fund raise and engage with charities. We were blown away by how amazing the public was, whether sponsoring a team, spreading the word, or simply helping us in our mission to travel through the country. Special thanks to New Orleans and Detroit, two of the great American cities, and thank you to everyone who made this possible!”

Past Escape for Good races, originating in New York City and Los Angeles, earned $10,000 and $20,000, respectively, with teams crossing the country (and even the Atlantic) dressed in hero attire.

Donations to Escape for Good charities can still be made by visiting Escape’s CrowdRise.


Escape is the creative vehicle of experiential agency Escape Productions LLC. Founded in New York City in 2009, Escape recently acquired a new home base in the high desert on the private 40-acre ranch, “Rancho V”, situated in Pioneertown, California. Escape’s Rancho V serves as a hub for musicians, photographers, thought leaders, and pioneers from across the globe, to find their true “escape”, and adopt an efficient and direct course to their goals. Rancho V also hosts recording sessions in its state-of-the studio and photo shoots in its desert retreat locale.

By enabling and empowering a community of artists, inspired entrepreneurs, connectors, altruistic developers and more, Escape is committed to improving the circumstances of others. Escape’s founder Rocco Gardner brought the inaugural Escape to New York festival to New York in 2011 on the Shinnecock Indian Nation Reservation. Since then Escape has hosted similar events in Montauk, NY; Los Angeles, CA whilst developing its Escape for Good race and agency. The organization continues to work with the Native American Tribes, creating immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences and economic development opportunities.
twitter: @escape
instagram: @escape

Build Ur Impact Teaching Powerful Life Skills for After Graduation to Underserved Youth

The Bay Area Northern California social venture is leading young people into discovering better opportunities.

World Wide Web – May 1, 2014 – The underserved population of the Bay Area are getting necessary help with Build Ur Impact that teaches life skills workshops derived from founder Cory Roberson. The group’s fundamentals are based on: Innovation, Money/Finance, Personal Resilience, Adept Thinking, Community Service, and Travel. The group works with local non-profit organizations to provide young people with tools to embrace their own personal vision toward a better future.

Build Ur Impact is committed to improving the lives of underserved youth across the Bay Area. The website for the organization is located at

Cory Roberson is a social entrepreneur, businessman, author, and agent of change in local and global communities. He has built a consulting business and worked with more than ten community service and educational programs serving youth around the world including schools in China and South Korea.

Cory Roberson shares his experiences with his learners in the areas of creativity, money, life challenges, education, travel, and starting a business. He delves into the inspirational stories that make the journey a work of motivation with people he’s met along the way. Cory’s goal is to lead others into turning ideas into a structure that generates a return – not always measured in terms of capital.

Build-Ur-Impact believes there are many young people within communities today who need a platform for implementing their goals and forging through to success. The group has established itself within the youth-oriented non-profit sector and is contributing added resources to the cause.

Cory Roberson is a man who understands firsthand what can take place in the life of a child and has personally witnessed the remarkable transformation in a child’s life when given access to knowledge. In his book, “Don’t Play Around, Write it Down,” Cory discusses his methods for turning ideas into a structure by thinking in terms of business and impact. Cory Roberson and Build Ur Impact are successfully inspiring others at the intersection of vision and practical thinking.

Learn more by visiting

Facebook: #BuildUrImpact
Twitter: @BuildUrImpact

Breitling Supports Angel Flight Northeast Mission

Contribution of $100,000 will allow for children and adults to access life-saving medical care

NEW YORK, NY & NORTH ANDOVER, MA (May 27, 2014) – Swiss watch company Breitling is proud to support Angel Flight Northeast (“AFNE”), a nonprofit organization that schedules free air transportation for patients who need to access life-saving medical care that is not readily available to them due to their geographic location and who lack the financial resources to travel commercially to receive treatment or diagnosis, with a donation of $100,000.

“It is an honor to be able to support Angel Flight Northeast, because they utilize aviation for the best possible cause,” says Breitling USA President Thierry Prissert. “The volunteer network of pilots that make Angel Flight’s mission possible are very inspiring. By leveraging their talents and resources, these dedicated volunteer pilots make it possible for patients and their families to get to much-needed medical treatments that saves lives, and Breitling is proud to be able to support AFNE’s mission.”

Given Breitling’s rich history in and deeply rooted ties to aviation, the company’s support of Angel Flight Northeast was a natural fit. Breitling has been developing precision instruments for pilots since 1884, solidifying their reputation by equipping fighter planes with on-board chronographs in World War II, and developing the signature Breitling Navitimer, the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph still in production, with input from the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) in 1952. In addition to charitable contributions, Breitling encourages excellence in aviation by supporting world-famous aviation events such as the National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV, and bringing the Breitling Jet Team – the world’s only professional civilian flight team performing on jets – to U.S. audiences for the first time ever in 2015.

“As a pilot, I admire Breitling’s commitment to the aviation community by delivering sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments, such as the Breitling Navitimer,” says Larry Camerlin, President and Founder of Angel Flight Northeast. “Their involvement and significant support of Angel Flight Northeast’s mission provides critical support, allowing us to coordinate even more free air transportation services to help patients and families who turn to us for our assistance during difficult times.”

Since its founding in 1996, Angel Flight Northeast has coordinated more than 65,000 flight requests for patients and companions who have flown over 13 million miles. Their principle area of operation is a nine-state region comprised of NJ, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, CT, NY and PA. In total, AFNE pilots, with support from commercial airline partners, have flown and coordinated patient flights to or from 189 hospitals and medical centers in 33 states throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

In addition to the sponsorship, Breitling plans to support AFNE events including their CAPE TRACON Air Traffic Control Golf Tournament, AFNE 18th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Fly-in, and 17th Annual Evening of Angels Gala, among others.

From Left to Right:
Larry Camerlin, President of Angel Flight Northeast and Thierry Prissert, Breitling USA President

From Left to Right:
Jim Cear, Chairman of the Board Angel Flight Northeast, AFNE Volunteer Pilot;
Lisa Roman, Breitling USA Marketing Director
Keith D’Entremont, Corporate Development and Community Outreach Angel Flight Northeast
Thierry Prissert, Breitling USA President
Larry Camerlin, President Angel Flight Northeast, AFNE Volunteer Pilot

ABOUT BREITLING: A specialist of technical watches, Breitling has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph and is a leader in this complication. Léon Breitling founded the company in 1884 in St. Imier, Switzerland, and chose to devote himself to the exclusive and demanding field of chronographs and timers. Breitling developed the first independent chronograph pushpiece in 1915 and then added the second pushpiece in 1934 to complete the final configuration of the modern chronograph. In 1969, the brand introduced the first self- winding chronograph movement. Today Breitling is the world’s only major watch brand to equip all its models with chronometer-certified movements, the ultimate token of precision. Breitling is one of the rare companies to produce its own mechanical chronograph movement, entirely developed and manufactured in its state-of-the-art workshops with its quality guaranteed by an unprecedented five-year warranty. This family business is also one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands, celebrating its 130-year anniversary this year in 2014.

ABOUT ANGEL FLIGHT NORTHEAST: A 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, Angel Flight Northeast schedules free air transportation for patients whose financial resources would not otherwise enable them to receive treatment or diagnosis, or who may live in rural areas without access to commercial airlines. The organization is comprised of over 1,000 volunteer pilots who combine their love of flying with the spirit of grassroots volunteerism by flying children and adults in private and commercial aircraft to lifesaving medical care. To learn more about Angel Flight Northeast, visit or call 800-549-9980.

Under Armour Partners with Fight for Children as Presenting Sponsor of Fight Night 2014

Fight Night 2013 Grants Announced for Washington DC and Baltimore City Initiatives

WASHINGTON – May 27, 2014 – Fight For Children and Under Armour, the leading sports performance and innovation brand, today announced a new multi-year partnership that designates Under Armour as the presenting sponsor of Fight For Children’s annual Fight Night, including this year’s 25th anniversary of the fundraising event. The organizations also announced the beneficiaries from Fight Night 2013, which was chaired by Under Armour. Twelve non-profit organizations in Washington and Baltimore will receive grants to strengthen K-12 academic achievement, promote kindergarten readiness, and increase the variety and quality of sports available to low-income children.

“Under Armour is proud to partner with Fight For Children to continue to support programs that increase access to athletics, improve academic performance, and promote school readiness in our local youth,” said Stacey Ullrich, Under Armour’s Director of Corporate Giving.

“Through our ongoing partnership with Under Armour, we have made Fight Night bigger and better. We have also dramatically increased the impact in terms of money and kids served in the DC/Baltimore region,” said Raul Fernandez, Fight for Children Chairman and Vice Chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

Fight For Children will use $1 million of the net proceeds from last year’s Fight Night to strengthen K-12 academic achievement and promote kindergarten readiness in the nation’s capital through its support of the following organizations: AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation, the Center for Child and Human Development at Georgetown University, CentroNia, Children’s National Health System, the DC Special Education Cooperative, The Family Place, Live It Learn It, Mary’s Center, My School DC, and Reach, Incorporated.

In Baltimore, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation will use proceeds from Fight Night 2013 to build a multi-purpose turf field at Latrobe Park in the city’s Locust Point neighborhood. In addition, the fitness centers at two Baltimore public schools, Western High School and Baltimore Design School, will be renovated. The Baltimore Parks and People Foundation will use the funding from the 2013 event to expand their middle school athletic programming, which serves thousands of low-income children who would otherwise lack access to formal sports programs. Fight For Children will contribute $1 million to support these organizations.

Details about the grants announced today are available at

About Fight For Children

The late Joseph E. Robert, Jr., created Fight For Children and Fight Night in 1990 as a way to marshal resources to help low-income kids in the nation’s capital secure a brighter future. Since 2012, Raul Fernandez, Vice Chairman of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, has served as Chairman of Fight For Children.

Fight For Children programs focus on improving the quality of early childhood and K-12 education. Fight Night, Fight For Children’s signature fundraiser, brings together 2,000 heavyweights of business, government, entertainment and community service, for an evening of fun, auctions, exciting entertainment and live professional boxing bouts. One of the most highly acclaimed events in Washington, Fight Night raises funds for Fight For Children and other organizations that provide education and healthcare services to low-income children. For further information, please visit

About Under Armour, Inc.

Under Armour (NYSE: UA), the originator of performance footwear, apparel and equipment, revolutionized how athletes across the world dress. Designed to make all athletes better, the brand’s innovative products are sold worldwide to athletes at all levels. Under Armour’s wholly owned subsidiary, MapMyFitness, powers one of the world’s largest Connected Fitness communities. The Under Armour global headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland. For further information, please visit the Company’s website at


Merry Minions And A Tropically-Clad Santa Claus Bring Holiday Cheer To 1,000 L.A. Low Income Family Members As Part Of Universal Studios Hollywood’s 23rd Annual ‘Christmas In Spring’ Charity Event At M.E.N.D. Transitional Living Center

This Saturday, May 31st 600 pounds of chicken, 600 pounds of vegetables, 600 pounds of salad and 4,000 desserts will be served to 1,000 M.E.N.D. low income family members during Universal Studios Hollywood’s 23rd annual “Christmas in Spring” celebration.

The “Christmas in Spring” charity event is sponsored by Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Discover A Star” Foundation. For the past 23 years, the program has offered less fortunate families an enjoyable outing during a time of year when their needs are often overlooked.

Minions, the stars of Universal Studios Hollywood’s all-new and very popular 3D Ultra-HD ride, “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem,” Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and other favorite characters will join a Santa Claus and Universal Studios Hollywood employee volunteers to bring joy to families and children from M.E.N.D.


Friends of Cedar Mesa Launches Campaign for National Monument or NCA Protection for Area With 56,000 Archaeological Sites

Wednesday, May 28th slideshow offers public opportunity to learn about the uniqueness of Cedar Mesa and the proposal to create national designation to protect the landscape

Bluff, UT – Located in remote southeastern Utah, the greater Cedar Mesa area is breathtakingly beautiful but heartbreakingly endangered. This is a place of amazing scenery, with remote colorful canyons, immense vistas, and still the potential for silence and solitude. – all with another rock art panel or ruin around virtually every bend. Some 56,000 archaeological sites cover the greater Cedar Mesa area. These sacred sites are considered “Traditional Cultural Properties” of several Native American tribes.

For many years, archaeologists and locals believed the best way to protect the area was through secrecy. In the digital age, this strategy has not worked, with visitation increasing from around the world. Yet, many Utahns have never heard of Cedar Mesa.

Based in the tiny town of Bluff, Friends of Cedar Mesa is a local non-profit working to preserve the cultural and natural resources of the area. The group is now launching an effort to gain a federal protective designation for an area of approximately 707,000 acres. This would take the form of a National Monument designated by the President under the Antiquities Act. Or, protection could be accomplished via a congressionally designated National Conservation Area achieved through legislation currently being crafted by Representatives Bishop and Chaffetz.

To educate the public about the need for a designation, Friends of Cedar Mesa has just published a Citizen Proposal for Protection. A PDF of this booklet is available for download at

Friends of Cedar Mesa is also hosting a series of public slideshows to engage conservation-minded Americans in protecting the area. The first such event will be held in Salt Lake City on May 28th.

Cedar Mesa Slideshow: The Future of a Sacred Landscape
Wednesday, May 28 – 6:30 PM
Salt Lake City Public Library – Auditorium
210 E. 400 South – Salt Lake City

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