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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

2 Billion Under 20


There are 2 billion people in the world who are currently under 20 years old. Each and every one of them has the potential to realize their biggest dreams, most ambitious passions, and most innovative ideas.

However, in a world where meaningful job opportunities are increasingly scarce, student debt is crippling the hopes and plans of college graduates, and political and social unrest is globally connected and concerning, young people across the world are losing a clear vision of what their future entails and how they can take action to be successful in their chosen walk of life.

2 Billion Under 20 wants to change the way young people think about their future and empower them to act fully on their passions no matter how old they. We do this by building a community of the world’s most inspirational, intelligent and talented young people and providing them with the resources and know-how to realize their full potential in any worthwhile endeavor. The first catalyst in this revolution is an eye-opening book that captures the potential of the Millennial generation.

The Book

2 Billion Under 20 is a compilation of first-person anecdotes from some of the world’s smartest and most talented people at or under 20. Including people from over 20 different countries and 30 different states in the U.S., young people from all walks of life have dedicated their words and experiences of inspiration and advice to empower and inspire the 2 billion people in the world who are currently under 20.

The list of contributors includes Olympians, top Silicon Valley influencers, successful teenage entrepreneurs, Disney Channel actors, nationally-recognized singers, successful non-profit starters, widely-acclaimed speakers, highly decorated scientists, and many other impressive young people from around the world.

The Community

Through the 2 Billion Under 20 community, an ever-growing number of young talents, students, and innovators from across the globe will be able to connect, collaborate, and support one another in various projects and goals.

This community will take shape in many forms. We are currently beginning local meetups in San Francisco, New York, and South Florida to bring young people together in person to foster important support systems and relationships with one another. Awareness that there are other people acting on their passions at young ages is a huge piece of our greater mission, and community meetups are a great start.

We plan to use the best practices we find from these three markets to roll out national and international communities in various cities, campuses, and places of impact to exponentially increase the reach of 2 Billion Under 20 and make our resources and community base accessible to as many young people in the world as possible.

This will be a starting point for us to implement global summits, licensed books to various networks, companies, and schools as well as local ambassador-led chapters across the world to spread the movement among other initiatives. As this community grows and their needs change, we will also create “3 Billion Under 30” and have a complementary set of resources and initiatives for that age group, and so forth.

The Platform

Given the vast number of passions, markets, interests, issues, and organizations represented by our contributors and community members, the 2 Billion Under 20 mission is one that can truly have an impact and voice across the board. So far, we’ve been able to secure many partnerships – such as ones with TEDxYouthSanDiego, IdeaMensch, Under30CEO, Outta the Box TV to name a few – in order to give the 2 Billion Under 20 contributors and community members an outlet to spread their dreams to the world through various credible platforms. Each community member associated with 2 Billion Under 20 (regardless of if they are featured in the book) has and will continue to have access to being featured on numerous publications and participating in world renown speaking events.

This not only gives our contributors and community members a larger audience and perpetuating impact, but it also naturally gives us more chances to show off the various works and goals of our sponsors, partners, and supporters. Further, it allows for a constant stream of new business opportunities and expansion potential for 2 Billion Under 20 as a brand, company, and face of young people’s empowerment.

The Opportunity

People are slowly realizing the full potential of young people as more and more are spotlighted in the media each day. However, we want to shatter the spotlight and instead turn on all the lights above what young people are capable of and are already doing.

Over the past three years, co-founders Stacey Ferreira and Jared Kleinert have built up their personal and professional networks of inspiring young people and influential people in business and media by becoming heavily involved with groups like the Thiel Foundation, Young Entrepreneurs Council, UnCollege,TEDx, Tech Cocktail, and Seventeen Magazine to name a few.

Given their unique abilities and situation age-wise in bringing this type of community and talent pool together, they are bridging the gap between motivated youth and experienced adults that is necessary to fill for this movement to take full force and truly change the world.

As successful tech entrepreneurs building a bigger brand, initiative, and organization on top of an inspiring book, they see the impact an organized and dedicated movement like this could have on the global marketplace for countless young people and the “other 5 billion” who will be affected by the innovations, decisions, offerings, solutions, and inspiration these young people will provide over time.


Stacey FerreiraAt 18, Stacey co-founded, a technology startup that stores usernames and passwords for automatic login to any website. One year later, she and the MySocialCloud team raised just under $1 million from Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock and Alex Welch. MySocialCloud recently announced its acquisition by Now she is co-creating a book and community called 2 Billion Under 20 that brings together some of the world’s most inspirational teens under 20 and shares their stories. She is also a member of Young Entrepreneurship Council, Young Female Entrepreneurs, A Small World, and the Thiel Fellowship Summit Programs. Stacey is 20 years old.

Jared Kleinert – At 15, Jared started, an edtech startup that gave students access to tutors across the globe via webchat for affordable prices. At 16, he founded another company called Synergist, a crowdsourcing site for social entrepreneurs to create, collaborate, and share ideas for social movements and enterprises, earning him the title of the “Definition of a Social Entrepreneur” by Forbes. Jared has also worked at two high growth startups, helping to create a product called Learnist that raised $20 million and was used by over 1 million people in its first year, and helping CEOs keep a pulse on their companies at another start-up called 15Five. Jared initiated the idea for 2 Billion Under 20 after hearing an inspirational speech at the 2012 Under 20 Summit in New York last November (which is where he also met Stacey). Jared is 17 years old.

Sponsorship Openings

We’re currently seeking support from companies, organizations, and individuals who align with our mission and want to empower young people to truly act on their passions. As a growing brand and force for young people’s empowerment, we are looking for support from those individuals or groups of individuals who want to mutually benefit from being at the forefront of the Millennial generation and all the markets that this book touches upon given its vast diversity.

Sponsorships will be used to pay for editing, publishing, marketing, and distribution costs (including topping the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Sellers Lists) as well as one centralized Summit for all of the kids in the community once the book is launched. The book is a non-profit venture with profits going to establish meetups and local chapters on an international level, which creates ongoing outreach opportunities for sponsors and partners.

We’re also open to any potential long-term partnerships that provide value for our community as well as your community or business.

Sponsors can expect to receive:

  • recognition and inclusion in the various, wide-reaching PR campaigns we run (including features in major online outlets, national television shows, and international media outlets),
  • recognition and inclusion in outreach and promotion to the millions of people that follow and are connected to our contributors and community members,
  • access to the 75 contributors to 2 Billion Under 20 and various community members, as well as potential VIP network members and other sponsors or partners
  • the option to host various book launch parties, speakers, or other related events at their offices or headquarters,
  • future opportunities to partner with us and accompanying businesses as we grow and establish the 2 Billion Under 20 brand,
  •  exposure in dozens of new and potentially untapped networks and markets that may contribute to the success of your core business
  • the goodwill of people who buy the book, receivers of our massive marketing efforts, the Millennial generation, and the “other 5 billion” people in the world (i.e parents, executives, politicians, etc.) that support initiatives for young people.
  • And more. We are constantly working to provide our community, contributors, and partners more opportunities to gain even more value for their buy-in with this extremely important initiative. 

Interested? Want more information? Please let us know at:

Jared Kleinert

(561) 886-8012

Stacey Ferreira                                                                  

(213) 458-6414                             

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