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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

10,000 Beds Launches a Recovery Success Campaign

By sharing stories of recovery, the 501c3 hopes to help more individuals seeking help to overcome their addiction, reports

Press Release – (Cedar City, Utah) 10,000 Beds, a nationwide 501c3 nonprofit, is #ontheroad4recovery in 2017 & 18, After selling their home and buying a 40’ RV, Founder Jean Krisle & her husband hit the road to criss cross the US on their mission of helping those without resources seeking help for addiction, and changing perceptions of recovery: as individuals are so much more than their addiction.

In an effort to achieve this goal, the organization is launching a campaign to celebrate recovery and is encouraging individuals in recovery and their family and friends to take part. With the help of this campaign, 10,000 Beds hopes to further the organization’s mission of recovery and help more addicts without resources overcome their addiction and move forward with life.

“An addiction impacts every aspect of a person’s life, yet the addict often does not realize this. They are so focused on obtaining their next fix they don’t see their home life and work being impacted. Furthermore, they often believe they don’t need help or find excuses to not seek rehab. We wish to change this, as life is much better in recovery, and we have a scholarship program with an online application process for those who wish to obtain treatment, yet cannot afford to do so. We are not a 24/7 emergency hotline. These scholarships take time to vet and award. If someone is in an emergency situation, they should call 911 immediately.” Jean Krisle, Founder & CEO of 10,000 Beds, announces.

All are invited to participate in this campaign; nearly everyone has been affected by addiction. Addicts currently in recovery may take part by sharing their story, making a sign, and posting a video on Facebook. Family and friends may also take part in this campaign by making a similar video. Simply change the information to explain the relationship to the addict when doing so.

The campaign message 10,000 Beds wants delivered loud & clear is: “We are so much more than our addiction.”

Telling your story and sharing the video should include the campaign, your name and a brief description of your life. This may be nothing more than your occupation or whatever you feel comfortable with. Share information about your addiction and explain it is time to end the epidemic. Explain that you have donated to 10,, a 501c3 non-profit organization providing treatment scholarships to those in need, and invite friends to donate now. Please include the campaign tag line, ‘We are so much more than our addiction! Let’s #CelebrateRecovery,,’” Krisle continues.

In the event a person wishes to remain anonymous, this option is available also. Individuals in this situation may feel free to make an anonymous donation on the 10,000 Beds website and know that they are much more than their addiction.

“We respect those who prefer to maintain anonymity in their recovery. When I speak to groups, I often reference the soccer coach next door who neighbors think is the salt of the earth and he/she is. This coach is also in recovery, yet others aren’t aware of this. Let’s #CelebrateRecovery and change perceptions of recovery by remembering that there are many around us who remain anonymous, but have conquered the beast of addiction sometime in their life. Every day, they remember that fight and keep their guard up, their armor on and their will strong. My hat is off to each of these anonymous recovery heroes, as well as all in recovery.” Krisle states.

About 10,000 Beds:

10,000 Beds operates to help addicts recover. The organization does so by protecting an addict’s right to treatment while promoting ethics in the addiction industry. They strive to propel the conversations around addiction into effective and appropriate action and partner with extraordinary treatment programs to provide scholarships to individuals who are ready and willing to seek help for their addiction, yet lack the resources to do so. In 2016, 10,000 Beds awarded $1,000,000 in scholarships for treatment, with plans in 2017 to more than double that amount. The goal is to award 10,000 scholarships for addiction treatment by 2020.

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