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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund

Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund listed on Cayman Island Stock Exchange seeks crowdfunding, pledges ten percent of contributions to charity.

PORTSMOUTH, U.K.— Hedge fund management company Zulnet has devised a way to help investors save for the future while also donating to charity with an algorithmic trading system that helps interpret market behavior and price movements. The company is utilizing a crowdfunding campaign to raise £500,000 by June 20 to initiate the program.

Money raised by the campaign will cover the costs of setting up and listing the new hedge fund on the Cayman Island Stock Exchange as well as contribute accelerated trading capital for the program and pay for other operational costs. Consistent with the company’s philanthropic goals, 10 percent of the £500,000 goal will be donated to Oxfam, a charity that works in high poverty areas to find lasting solutions to worldwide hunger and suffering.

Rather than choosing between investing and donating money, Zulnet’s unique program allows investors to do both simultaneously. “Our company is the first listed Philanthropic Algorithmic Currency Hedge Fund that allows investors to designate part of their management fees and performance fees for charitable contributions,” said company spokesperson Nurulzulkarnain Ahmad. “Our company charges standard fees, but then donates one-third of those fees to a charity of the investor’s choice.”

Zulnet is able to donate a portion of their fees because the company is keeping operating costs low by choosing the Cayman Island Stock Exchange, which has no stamp duties or capital gains taxes. Also, the exchange requires no minimum subscription level for hedge funds. “Our goal is to create a constant flow of capital to charities,” said Ahmad. “We want our investors to find success, because the more they make and the higher their return, the more investor donates to charity.”

Those supporting Zulnet’s crowdfunding campaign can choose from three levels of support: £75 at the bronze level, £179 at the silver level, or £500 at the gold level. Bronze contributors will receive two currency trading books and their name listed on the contributor page. Silver contributors will receive the same perks, plus algorithmic currency trading system software. Gold contributors will receive all of these perks, plus a GoTab Dual Core 4GB tablet. Ten percent of all contributions will be donated to Oxfam.

About Zulnet

Zulnet is an algorithmic currency trading and hedge fund management company that donates one-third of its management fees and one-third of its performance fees to charities around the world. For more information or to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit

Project Contact Info

Press Contact: Nurulzulkarnain Ahmad


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