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LGBT Foundation Unveils Plans to Harness Blockchain in Crucial Moment for Global LGBT Community

New foundation will enable the LGBT community to drive positive social change, flex its economic muscle, and protect vulnerable members

Press Release – February 22, 2018 – The LGBT Foundation is today unveiling its vision to harness the power and potential of blockchain technology to deliver equality for the global LGBT community. The LGBT Foundation will tokenize the power of the LGBT economy (“Pink Economy”) to support three principal goals:

  • Enable members to verify and protect their identities
  • Demonstrate and exert the economic might of the LGBT community
  • Generate resources to tackle discrimination, repression, and inequality

The LGBT Foundation has been initiated by Hornet Networks, one of the world’s most popular social networks for gay men with 25 million members worldwide. Leveraging its large base and aiming to engage any and all members of the international LGBT community, the LGBT foundation wants to deliver genuine equality and advance the aims of LGBT members, maximize the power of the Pink Economy, and provide a safe and secure environment to access cryptocurrencies and other future products and services.

Christof Wittig, President of the LGBT Foundation and Founder and CEO of Hornet said: “The LGBT Foundation will unleash the community’s economic might by tokenizing the Pink Dollar with blockchain technology and thus accelerate the efforts of local communities, organizations, and individuals in their quest for equal rights and acceptance in society. This announcement comes at a crucial moment when recent gains in LGBT rights are newly under threat of being rolled back or rescinded, not only at a federal level in the US but also at state and local levels across the country.”

Through LGBT Impact, a percentage of its resources will also be used to actively support members of the LGBT community in instances where they are vulnerable, distressed, or suffering from repression and inequality – this can include financial assistance to support political activism as well as logistical and operational support, depending on the particular requirements.

The LGBT Foundation will conduct a token sale in the first half of 2018 to raise funds for building the required infrastructure. A blockchain-based LGBT Token will not only empower and connect LGBT businesses around the world, it will also help to establish an economic identity and shared infrastructure, will reduce transaction costs for LGBT community members across all borders, and enable this global economy not only to grow faster, but give back to the community and support LGBT rights globally.

If the LGBT community were a country, it would be the world’s 4th-largest economy with a GDP of USD 4.6 trillion . However, the power of the Pink Economy is often underestimated. The LGBT Foundation will make this global economic muscle tangible and visible – by establishing a LGBT-centric digital asset to allow borderless transactions and exchange among an already global community while safeguarding its members’ identities.

Drawing on the power of blockchain technology, the LGBT Foundation will work with partners across the globe to enable the LGBT community to exert its considerable economic might, provide a safe and secure environment to access cryptocurrencies and other products and services, and enable members to verify and protect their identities as required.

1. LGBT or LGBTQ, LGBTQI or LGBT+ includes Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and other communities defined by their sexual self-identification. We celebrate the spectrum of diversity as well as gender fluidness and will work to support and include + elements through the efforts and makeup of the foundation.


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USC Annenberg Launches New Center For Third Space Thinking

Annenberg Foundation provides launch grant to support the center’s educational and community engagement initiatives

Press Release – LOS ANGELES – February 21, 2018The Center for Third Space Thinking, a new, innovative center dedicated to equipping businesses and nonprofit organizations with the essential soft skills needed to thrive in a communication-at-the-center world, has been established and will be based at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The former dean of the Annenberg School, Ernest J. Wilson lll, founded the center, and the Annenberg Foundation has provided a $1.5 million launch grant to open it.

To meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of today’s complex and digitally disrupted business environment, the Center for Third Space Thinking is helping people and organizations solve complex problems through a new communications-driven methodology. The new methodology, built around the five core competencies of adaptability, cultural competency, empathy, intellectual curiosity and 360-degree thinking to approach problems from multiple perspectives, will be applied to the center’s work in three areas — leadership development, education and community engagement.

Wilson says the new center should become the go-to resource for anyone interested in using soft skills to improve individual and organizational performance in a period of high-velocity and widespread change.

“We are creating a novel third space that relies on communication-centric strategic thinking and its critical soft skills that are in such high demand, but seriously under supplied in the market. We’re going to fix that,” Wilson said.

The Annenberg Foundation grant will help launch the center’s educational leadership and community empowerment programs and share the center’s knowledge with diverse, underserved communities to improve their access to soft skills development.

“We support this powerful vision for educating a cadre of Third Space Thinkers,” said Wallis Annenberg, USC trustee and chairman of the board, president and CEO of the Annenberg Foundation. “We believe soft skills are imperative in our quickly changing world and are excited to support the center’s leadership programs.”

“We are grateful to the Annenberg Foundation for providing the Center for Third Space Thinking with the funding we need to launch our important work,” said Shellee Smith, the center’s executive director. “With this first grant, we now have the ability to transform people and organizations with a new, fresh, communications approach to strategic thinking and problem solving. We will be looking for partnerships and further resources to be able to serve the maximum amount of people in order to have a deep and wide impact.”

The center hosted its first two-day leadership development Boot Camp for high-potential executives on the USC campus on October 5 and 6. A total of 25 executives from a diverse set of organizations, including Google, IBM, Western Union, United Airlines, AECOM, Southern California Edison, Quest Diagnostics and the Annenberg Foundation attended the highly immersive Boot Camp that helped the participants gain critical soft skills and become more effective problem solvers. The center’s next Boot Camp is scheduled for April 4-6, 2018.

About the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Located in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is an international leader in education and scholarship in the fields of communication, journalism, public diplomacy and public relations. With an enrollment of more than 2,200 students, USC Annenberg offers doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as continuing development programs for working professionals across a broad scope of academic inquiry.

About the USC Annenberg Center for Third Space Thinking

Housed in USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, the Center for Third Space Thinking is dedicated to conducting applied research, executive leadership education, community empowerment and teaching a whole new generation of leaders equipping them with the problem-solving skills needed to thrive in a communication-at-the-center world.

About Annenberg Foundation

Annenberg Foundation is a family foundation that provides funding and support to nonprofit organizations in the United States and globally. Since 1989, it has generously funded programs in education and youth development; arts, culture and humanities; civic and community life; health and human services; and animal services and the environment. In addition, the Foundation and its Board of Directors are directly involved in the community with innovative projects that further its mission of advancing a better tomorrow through visionary leadership today. Among them are Annenberg Alchemy, Annenberg Learner, Annenberg Space for Photography, AnnenbergTech, explore, GRoW @ Annenberg and the Metabolic Studio. The Foundation encourages the development of effective ways to communicate by sharing ideas and knowledge.

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New Tech City Established In The Remote Hills Of Colombia With Handpicked Entrepreneurs And Engineers

The City of Eden is an invite-only society for the world’s brightest minds to work together to solve the world’s most pressing social issues using blockchain, IoT and more.

Press Release – Bogota, Colombia / Feb. 21st, 2018 – EDEN (Engineering, Design and Entrepreneurship in Nature) today announces the founding of the City of Eden, an exclusive community for the world’s most innovative minds, currently being built in the Colombian region of Antioquia. Residents of the city will aim to solve major social issues together using technology. The city’s launch coincides with the token sale of its very own cryptocurrency, the EDEN Distributed Network (EDN).

Spanning 10 hectares in the hills outside of the Colombian capital, the City of Eden will become home to hundreds of entrepreneurs, engineers, coders and thinkers who dream big and aim to solve some of the world’s biggest social issues using aerospace, medtech, blockchain, and renewable technologies. Once fully operational, the city will boast a complete infrastructure, which will include free housing, medical centers, a k-12 public school, an auditorium, and cafes and restaurants for its more than 500 residents and guests to enjoy.

Using the city’s underlying blockchain platform, the EDEN Distributed Network, problem solvers from across the globe can contribute open source solutions to earn EDN tokens. Top performers will then be invited to live free of charge in the all-inclusive city, surrounded by nature and modern luxuries, and among its community of other highly accomplished and imaginative residents. In addition to living for free, selected residents will be paid competitive salaries by the project’s brainchild, 27 year-old Jonathan Calmus, who dreamt up the idea of creating an “island” of engineers at the young age of 11.

EDEN has already seen success with its up-and-running pilot program launched in 2017, which built three blockchain startups: Cosmic IIoT, a modular IoT for government, medical and industrial use; Gravitas, a surgical tool loss and theft prevention system; and Neon Air, a heavy lift drone company aiming to save lives in the aftermaths of natural disasters. Since the launch of the pilot program, the team has already built solutions to issues such as doctor negligence, which leads to over 250,000 deaths in the US each year alone.

Across industries, researchers and engineers have realized that complex social and scientific problems can be better solved using this type of collaboration. In the startup world, accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces are increasingly bringing people together around shared projects with the same goal. The City of Eden aims to be on the front line of entrepreneurial collaboration, but with a particular focus on solving a number of social issues.

“With The City of EDEN, we hope to gather great thinkers under one umbrella,” said Calmus. “Having a diverse group of experts working in close quarters in the beautiful Colombian countryside is likely to drive some real innovation, and foster collective creativity which can help us get one step closer to solving some of the social problems which persist today.”


EDEN (Engineering, Design & Entrepreneurship in Nature) is a community of engineers and entrepreneurs collaborating and working together to help solve big social issues. By creating an innovative environment, EDEN believes ideas can best be explored and implemented as a unified mind.

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New Trends In University Development Tap Into Revered Faculty

Press Release – PITTSBURGH — As colleges and universities seek more creative ways to raise money, schools like the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration are turning to revered faculty members for inspiration.

The recent campaign to honor 30-year Pitt Business Professor Bob Atkin through the Robert S. Atkin Endowed Fund was so successful that it surpassed its original goal ($10,000) not once, but twice, raising a total of more than $21,000 to date.

Atkin, who is still actively teaching at Pitt, has acted as a teacher, mentor and trusted advisor to scores of students at Pitt.

“Few professors have had as profound and as far-reaching of an impact on educating future business leaders as Professor Bob Atkin,” said Audrey Murrell, associate dean at Pitt’s College of Business Administration.

The fund provides financial support exclusively to undergraduate business students in the College of Business Administration and was established in 2016 to commemorate Atkin’s 30-year teaching anniversary and will fund scholarships for students, travel grants for career development site visits in other cities, and student program support in the form of conference fees.

Atkin is an icon at Pitt’s undergraduate College of Business Administration (CBA). In fact, when the CBA was established in 1995, Atkin taught the first class.

For thousands of freshmen, his course “Managing in Complex Environments” is the initial point of entry into the BSBA degree and offers a boot camp in understanding how to be successful in business environments.

When the Global Business Institute opened its first location in Australia, Atkin was among the first faculty member to travel to Sydney to teach. He set the tone for how to apply a global perspective to the business courses offered abroad.

Atkin has taught many courses at the undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, and executive education level. He continues to teach today — and has now added the Pitt Business Honors Program to his repertoire. He teaches honors-enhanced, small group seminars for his Managing in Complex Environments course.

What His Students Are Saying:

“The dedication that Professor Atkin shows his students is unparalleled. He took the time to advise and mentor me during several critical decisions while at Pitt Business and post-college. He helped me see the whole picture and feel confident in my own abilities, ultimately resulting in me landing my dream job.”

 – Cara Repasky Getz (BSBA ’10), Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

“His influence in my personal and professional development extends well beyond imparting his knowledge of core business concepts in the classroom. He has always been personally invested in helping me apply these concepts and has been a driving force in inspiring me to pursue my entrepreneurial goals.”

 – Andrew Madden (BSBA ’10), Manager, Deloitte Consulting

About the Katz Graduate School of Business

Where theory meets practice – The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration leverages the opportunities created by our urban location and strong research culture to prepare students to be catalysts for change. Our mission is to merge communities of knowledge with communities of practice to create exceptional experience-based learning outcomes for students and relevant insights for business leaders. The Katz MBA program was established in 1960, although the business school’s roots go back to 1907, with the University of Pittsburgh’s Evening School of Economics, Accounts, and Finance. Katz was the world’s first to offer a one-year MBA program. That spirit of innovation guides us today and is reflected in the life’s work of the school’s namesake: the late Joseph M. Katz, a consummate entrepreneur, businessman, and Pittsburgher.

Katz graduates form a worldwide network — 23,000 Katz alumni live and work in more than 90 countries. That is to say nothing of the broader reach of the University of Pittsburgh, a world-respected leader across virtually all disciplines. That includes the undergraduate College of Business Administration, whose annual enrollment tops 2,000 students, and complements the nearly 1,000 students in Katz’s master’s and doctoral programs.Led by Dean Arjang Assad, the rigorous academic programs at Katz are based upon four key principles: experienced-based learning, collaboration, innovation and globalism.

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Elephant Cooperation and George Argyros Jr. Blow Away Expectations in Newport Beach—Raising More Than $900,000 for African Elephants and Children

San Clemente-based organization presents African projects aimed at elephant conservation and supporting children during gala where Machine Gun Kelly gave surprise performance

Press Release – Newport Beach, Calif.—November 3, 2017—Elephant Cooperation, dedicated to saving elephants and helping children, hosted an energetic sold-out fete at the Resort at Pelican Hill with more than 300 guests in attendance. The night featured many surprises such as the adoption of baby elephants, an unexpected $250,000 donation and a performance by Machine Gun Kelly.

During the evening’s events emceed by George Argyros, Jr., attendees participated in a live auction, witnessed a live canvas painting by Matt Shapira and models mingled while featuring custom beaded jackets and jewelry from Kenya available for purchase.

Throughout cocktails and dinner, Elephant Cooperation showcased its diverse portfolio of projects in Africa and the progress being made on the frontlines. Raabia Hawa, a former model turned ranger who has dedicated her life to saving elephants, was honored as the 2017 Conservationist of the Year for her work with both elephants and children.

“We were thrilled with the overwhelming turnout for this extraordinary event,” said Scott Struthers, founder of Elephant Cooperation. “The energy and support we are receiving will save countless of elephants and children in Africa.”

About Elephant Cooperation

Elephant Cooperation is a non-profit devoted to raising awareness of the African elephant crisis founded by Orange County entrepreneur, Scott Struthers. The organization empowers neighboring communities and supports existing conservation groups to tackle the issue on multiple fronts: protection, awareness, efficiency and community. Anyone wanting to support and learn more about Elephant Cooperation projects can visit

About Raabia Hawa

Raabia Hawa was born in Kenya in the wake of the most disastrous levels of elephant poaching. Her love of wildlife drove her to be part of the conservation of elephants. In 2011, Hawa was appointed Kenyan Wildlife Service Honorary Warden by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.

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Elephant Cooperation and Shoes For Crews Partner to Save African Elephants from Extinction

Florida-based Shoes For Crews donates 400,000 pairs of shoes for resale with funds supporting elephant conservation and education programs in Africa

Press Release – San Clemente, Calif.—September 18, 2017—Elephant Cooperation, dedicated to saving elephants and helping children, today announced its latest fundraising partnership that will fund two years of anti-poaching drone operations over portions of Botswana and provide support to African Parks.

Elephant Cooperation has partnered with Shoes For Crews, the leader in slip-resistant footwear worldwide, to resell donated product in South Africa, with money from sales supporting elephant conservation projects. A warehouse will be opened in Johannesburg to sell the shoes, and the Air Shepherd anti-poaching drone program will be one of the primary recipients of money raised. Drone operations are crucial in stopping poaching, and approximately two years of drone operations over Botswana will be funded through this deal.

Additionally, Elephant Cooperation will provide financial support to African Parks, a non-profit conservation organization that takes on the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities.

“We are so fortunate to work with Shoes For Crews on a deal that helps save these magnificent animals,” said Scott Struthers, founder of Elephant Cooperation. “My business partner Geoff Spencer, the Shoes For Crews CEO Stuart Jenkins and I all went to college together. Stuart has a real heart for our mission and wanted to help. The Shoes For Crews donation of 400,000 pairs of shoes will make a huge difference in our fight to save elephants in Africa.”

Further grants will be awarded to community outreach programs offering education and field trips to school children, many of whom have never been exposed to elephants. Elephant Cooperation hopes to instill upon future generations the importance of this keystone species, resulting in a desire to protect and preserve the African elephant.

In funding projects, Elephant Cooperation focuses its efforts on protection, awareness, efficiency and community. Its administrative costs have been completely underwritten for 2017 which allows the organization to direct 100% of funds raised to these grants and programs. Rather than set up new projects on its own, Elephant Cooperation partners with existing NGOs already doing productive work in elephant conservation. Its role is to act on behalf of its partners, raising money and other aid in America by utilizing its proven business skills and building donor relationships.

“We save lives every day at Shoes for Crews because we make shoes designed specifically to keep hard workers safe on their feet,” said CEO Stuart Jenkins. “While I didn’t expect to be saving the lives of elephants, we are all thrilled that our mission of safety aligns so well with Elephant Cooperation and that we have this opportunity to keep the elephants safe too.”

About Shoes For Crews

Shoes For Crews is the category creator and leading designer and marketer of slip-resistant footwear worldwide. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Shoes For Crews began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984. Through its superior outsole technology, the Company quickly became the industry leader. Shoes For Crews strives to create a safer workplace in all industries where floor hazards are a reality. The high-performance culinary footwear brand MOZO and the work boot brand ACE are also part of the Shoes For Crews family of brands. President and CEO Stuart Jenkins, a footwear industry veteran with 38 years of experience, joined the company in February 2016 and has since brought in a seasoned design and development team. The Shoes For Crews team’s focus is to deliver the ultimate in slip-resistant outsole technology and unmatched comfort with classic and fashion styling, through a complete line of footwear designed to bring each employee home safely at the end of the shift, whether they work in food service, hospitality, industrial, healthcare or other workplace environments. For more information on Shoes For Crews, visit

About Elephant Cooperation

The brainchild of Scott Struthers, a successful California-based entrepreneur and son of a biologist, Elephant Cooperation is a non-profit devoted to raising awareness of the African elephant crisis. The organization empowers neighboring communities and supports existing conservation groups in order to tackle the issue on multiple fronts—protection, awareness, efficiency and community. The organization’s goal is to develop projects/cooperation across NGOs to use as best practices and common resources while focusing on donor relationships. Anyone wanting to support and learn more about Elephant Cooperation projects can visit

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Social Responsibility Key For Business Success, Finds EIU Study

  • 70% of entrepreneurs say it is more important now to be known to be socially responsible than it was 5 years ago.
  • Unlike consumers, entrepreneurs around the world rank economic growth as the issue for which they are most personally passionate.
  • 42% of entrepreneurs say social media will be the most important business tool in the next 5 years, ahead of big data and mobile payments.

Press Release – A new report released today from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) finds that entrepreneurs are more passionate than consumers about global economic and policy issues. Their businesses are heavily influenced by social causes and their growth is foremost reliant on global expansion and social media connectivity. The report is based on two parallel surveys that consider the perspectives of young entrepreneurs compared to the general public.

An Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Today’s world through the eyes of the young innovator“, sponsored by FedEx, aims to better understand the future of growing businesses and the leaders behind them. The survey addressed topics of globalisation, technology and social responsibility.

The study finds that many entrepreneurs credit social media for recent business growth and say it will remain the most important technology for their business for the next five years. Consumers, interestingly, don’t think social media will remain as relevant in the next five years.

Further, although the entrepreneur and public groups surveyed have differences in opinion about the benefits of globalisation and technology, both say social responsibility matters more today than it did five years ago. Two-thirds of entrepreneurs call it essential to the success of their business, and most claim they have passed up a business opportunity that did not align with their values.

“Entrepreneurs and the public are united with enthusiasm for social responsibility,” said Josselyn Simpson, editorial director for The Economist Intelligence Unit. “Though the two groups disagree on the priority of some social issues, the overall goal of doing good and doing well is one they share. It is most encouraging to see leaders are prioritising values that align with consumer concerns.”

About the research

The EIU conducted two surveys in 2017, one of more than 500 entrepreneurs globally, age 25-50, and a similar survey of the general public in similar geographies.

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World Of Children 2018 Call For Nominations Now Open

Annual Funding and Recognition Opportunity Available to International Nonprofit Leaders

Press Release – LAGUNA HILLS, CA – World of Children, a global organization that funds, elevates and educates nonprofit leaders running high-impact programs that exclusively serve the needs of vulnerable children, has announced today their annual call for nominations. Recognized as the “Nobel Prize for Child Advocates,” World of Children offers awards in the categories of education, health, humanitarian, protection, and youth helping youth. Award benefits include a multi-year cash grant provided to the individual’s organization, media and educational opportunities, and recognition at the Awards Ceremony in New York City on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

“This is arguably one of the most exciting times for World of Children. Every year, we look forward to seeing a new group of exceptional individuals rise to the top through our nomination process,” said Co-Founder Harry Leibowitz. “With 117 Honorees selected over the past 20 years, these awards are only given to the best of the best who are working every day to serve the needs of vulnerable children. We can’t wait to welcome a new class of heroes to the World of Children family.”

Candidates may submit a nomination in one of the following categories:

  • Education Award (minimum grant $50,000) – Honors an individual making extraordinary contributions to children in the field of education and learning
  • Health Award (minimum grant $50,000) – Honors an individual making extraordinary contributions to children in the fields of health, medicine, or the sciences
  • Humanitarian Award (minimum grant $50,000) – Honors an individual making extraordinary contributions to children in the fields of social or humanitarian services
  • Protection Award (minimum grant $50,000) – Honors an individual making extraordinary contributions to protect children from fear, abuse, and exploitation (including, but not limited to, trafficking, slavery and sexual imposition)
  • Youth Award (minimum grant $25,000) – Honors a young person under the age of 21 who is making extraordinary contributions helping other youth. Honorees awarded in this category will also become a member of the Jefferson Awards Foundation GlobeChangers program, an incubator for young social entrepreneurs, multiplying their impact through mentorship, training, and a strong support network.

World of Children receives thousands of nominations each year for new Honorees and uses a uniquely rigorous vetting process to select the top leader in each of the five categories. Each potential Honoree is fully investigated by an independent, professional global security firm to ensure the work they submit on their application is the exactly the work being done in the field and that all financials are in order and reflect the mission of the organization. World of Children is the only nonprofit organization in the world to do this.

“From the nomination process and investigation to the awe-inspiring Awards Ceremony and beyond, World of Children is one of the most effective and efficient mid-sized NGOs in the world,” said Caryl Stern, president and CEO of UNICEF USA. “They award and honor unsung heroes—people who are making a real difference in their community—and we are proud to support their mission as they discover and select five new Honorees for 2018.”

Nominations will be accepted online only at from January 8, 2018 through 11:59 EDT on March 31, 2018.

About World of Children

World of Children unlocks the future for vulnerable children by funding, elevating and educating the most effective changemakers for children worldwide. Since 1998, the Foundation has dedicated nearly $13 million to high-impact programs for children, led by more than 100 Honorees working in over 50 countries.

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Guiding Eyes for the Blind Invites Marylanders to Volunteer in Puppy Raising Program

Press Release – FREDERICK, Md., Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Guiding Eyes for the Blind (, one of the world’s leading guide dog schools, and its Catoctin Region, will be hosting an open house and initial puppy pre-placement class located at The Frederick Youth Center, 413 Burck St. Frederick, MD 21701. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet puppies in pre-guide dog training, their raisers and the Region’s Coordinator and Manager.

This event will launch the Catoctin’s Region new raiser and spring puppy program. Those interested may view the Catoctin Region’s Facebook to view some of their pups and activities.

The Catoctin Region is one of the Maryland regions of Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s Canine Development Center located in Patterson, NY, where they selectively breed Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs for guide dog work. At 8-10 weeks old, the puppies are sent home with puppy raising volunteers who raise the young dogs at home for 15-18 months, offering time, love and training to teach them house manners and socialize them in numerous situations.

“We are very excited to continue to give the Frederick, MDarea and Southern Gettysburg, PA volunteers a chance to raise Guiding Eyes puppies,” said Kerry Lemerise, Puppy Program Manager for Guiding Eyes. “Puppies growing up need to learn about being comfortable in all aspects of their environments and will have a huge advantage when they begin their guide dog training.”

Volunteers are supported with regular guidance, training classes and free veterinary care, and often develop a unique camaraderie as they prepare the dogs to move on to the next steps in their training. Many puppy raisers consider their Guiding Eyes experience the most inspirational and fulfilling work they’ve ever done.

For more information about the Guiding Eyes Puppy Raising program and/or to RSVP to the March 17th program and pre-placement class, contact Becky Little. Email: Class times will be announced at a later date.

For more general information about Guiding Eyes for the Blind call 866-GEB-LABS or visit the them at

About Guiding Eyes for the Blind

In 1954, Guiding Eyes for the Blind was founded to enrich the lives of blind and visually impaired men and women. Since that time, Guiding Eyes has become one of the foremost guide dog schools in the world, graduating more than 7,000 guide dog teams. Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. It provides professionally trained Guiding Eyes dogs, training and lifetime support services to students free of charge with funds raised solely through the generosity of individuals, corporations, foundations and civic organizations. Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s Headquarters and Training Center is located in Yorktown Heights, New York and its Canine Development Center is located in Patterson, New York.

SOURCE Guiding Eyes for the Blind

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Rise Against Hunger Fuels Conversation to End World Hunger by 2030 with Launch of “This is possible” Campaign

U.S.-based non-profit launches global initiative in the epicenter of media industry

Press Release – Raleigh, N.C. – Feb. 20, 2018 – Rise Against Hunger – an international hunger relief organization based in Raleigh, N.C. – is committed to ending world hunger by the year 2030. To that end, the non-profit officially launched its “This is possible” campaign with a Times Square takeover in New York City over the weekend. Thousands of passersby had the chance to learn more and show their support by taking the pledge to grow the movement to end world hunger.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2, Rise Against Hunger is determined to show that it is, in fact, possible to eradicate world hunger by the year 2030. A global commitment to mobilization can not only help provide food to the world’s most vulnerable populations, but also provide life-changing aid, education and resources to stabilize food security in hunger insecure regions. In addition to asking people in and around Times Square on Sunday, Feb. 18 to take the pledge, supporters were also encouraged to spread the word on social media using #2030isPossible.

“Our mission is to end hunger in our lifetime, and the first real step is to activate a worldwide movement,” said Tom Barbitta, Chief Marketing Officer of Rise Against Hunger. “It will take the help and support from the global community to accomplish this goal, but with participation, financial contribution, volunteerism and heart, each person can change the life of another and put an end to suffering from starvation.”

Jenna Cooper was also on-hand to help launch the campaign and lend her support to the movement. Cooper is a former contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor and a social media manager in Raleigh. Her affiliation with Rise Against Hunger started with her participation in meal packing events through her church. Cooper is also a certified personal trainer and certified professional food manager.

“I have enjoyed learning about and getting involved with Rise Against Hunger and its mission. It is amazing to witness how the organization’s passion and hard work is changing the world,” said Cooper. “There is nothing more fulfilling than inspiring others to get involved with the movement to end world hunger by 2030 – I am confident that “This is possible.”

Founded in 1998, Rise Against Hunger has facilitated the packaging of over 378 million highly nutritious meals for distribution in 74 countries. In the past year alone, the organization engaged over 376,000 volunteers worldwide. Rise Against Hunger meal packaging events give volunteers of all ages the option to see hunger end in their lifetime. They combine an assembly line of nutritious ingredients and make a true hands-on impact to ending hunger. In addition to meal packaging, Rise Against Hunger also supports vocational training programs, clean water initiatives, business and agricultural assistance, and provides emergency relief. There are several ways to get involved with Rise Against Hunger, including hosting a meal packaging event, making a financial contribution, volunteering in one of 20 U.S. warehouses, or even completing a puzzle.

The Times Square launch will be supported by a digital campaign that will help carry the message to a broader audience. Rise Against Hunger’s strategic marketing partner – Raleigh-headquartered French/West/Vaughan – is helping support strategy, development and execution of the “This is possible” campaign.

To join the conversation, visit

About Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief organization based in Raleigh, N.C., works to implement immediate and long-term solutions to hunger worldwide. With program locations in 20 U.S. cities and five international offices, Rise Against Hunger has engaged volunteers to package more than 378 million nutrient rich meals for distribution to 74 countries around the globe. To find out more about Rise Against Hunger’s efforts to end hunger worldwide, please visit, on Facebook at Against Hunger, on Instagram at @RiseAgainstHunger, or Twitter at @Rise2030.

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