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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: April 2016

Exhibition Will Showcase Photography of Rick Guidotti April 5-11 at the Art Directors Club in NYC

Change How You See, See How You Change Mission of Positive Exposure POP-UP Center and Multimedia Exhibition

Former Fashion Photographer Turned His Lens to Kids with Visible Genetic Conditions, A Mission to Celebrate “The Spirit of Difference” in New York and Around the World Through Positive Exposure

NEW YORK – In 1998, award-winning fashion photographer Rick Guidotti turned his world upside down – he stopped working in the fashion industry and created a not-for-profit organization Positive Exposure devoted to celebrating the beauty of human diversity.

Eighteen years later, Positive Exposure in collaboration with individuals living with genetic, physical and intellectual differences, has grown across the country and around the world, creating a more inclusive world where all differences are celebrated.

Utilizing the visual arts, Positive Exposure continues to create opportunities for audiences to experience the driving philosophy:


The New York-based Positive Exposure presents a POP-UP Center and Multimedia Exhibition at the Art Directors Club in New York City next month. The multimedia exhibition will premiere on Tuesday, April 5 at a special Gala Opening, then will continue with a week of events April 6-11. The exhibition will serve as the focal point for special events and experiential programs that will create deeper understanding and respect for diversity and catalyze critical conversations on human dignity and rights.

The free, public events will include:

  • Curated tours of the largest-ever New York exhibition of former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti’s photographs of children and adults
  • A screening of of the acclaimed short subject documentary On Beauty by Emmy-winning filmmaker Joanna Rudnick
  • A performance by Heidi Latsky Dance Troupe
  • Diversability advocate lectures
  • Guest appearances from the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities and local and national advocacy stars to inspire student and professional audiences
  • Preview of Rick Guidotti’s new book of photographs titled Change How You See, See How You Change (April 18 release date)


During the week, we the Positive Exposure POP-UP Center and Multimedia Exhibition will also host programs for visiting classrooms, teachers, advocates, families, professionals, including health care providers in training, and the public.


Positive Exposure’s POP UP Center at Arts Directors Club

Gala Opening: Tuesday, April 5 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Note: Ticket required for this event

Tickets for the Gala are available for purchase here (all other events throughout the week are free and open to the public)

Public Exhibition Dates: April 6 through April 11

Location: Art Directors Club
Address: 106 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
Costs: Free and Open to the Public

The complete schedule is available here:

On the West Coast, Positive Exposure currently has a major photographic exhibition at the Museum of Tolerance – Los Angeles. For more information, please visit:

National Parks Turn 100 This Year – Puts State’s Five National Parks Front and Center

The National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Utah’s five National Parks featured on offer adventure travelers and families a unique blend of accessibility and grandeur that have put these beauties on bucket lists since their birth a hundred years ago. Utah’s magnificence extends far beyond the borders of its national parks, as travelers logging on to will discover. While visiting Arches you can explore mountain bike slick rock trails in Moab; stop by Coral Pink Sand Dunes on your way to Zion; ski the slopes of Brian Head after you hike Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon; swim in Calf Creek Falls while exploring Capitol Reef country; and rock climb in famous Indian Creek on your way out of Canyon lands.’s local expert team recently spent three days in Zion National Park where they browsed the area’s best rock shops, interviewed the park’s Director of Wildlife and went hiking with the locals. They know where to take a six-year-old hiking; divulge the best spots to paddle a brand new kayak; and they’re keen to tell you which local bed and breakfast has the friendliest hosts and coziest fireplaces—and you can book all these experiences on the spot right on the site.

Travelers looking for meaningful and inspiring experiences in Utah can find itineraries about small towns like Kanab that are perfect for family excursions to national parks and other unexplored areas. also gives travelers practical hiking and biking trail information with difficulty ratings, photos, and waypoints. Adventurers can learn about places that locals have been quietly exploring for generations, and find the best base camps to maximize their limited time in the world’s top destination. For travelers on a budget, there are always tips about free admission days and where to take your kids when the weather rains on the outdoor parade. And for the digitally dependent family member who longs to get off the grid?’s off-season tips and information prove that Utah is a year-round wilderness of glorious solitude where Wi-Fi isn’t even a temptation. helps travelers discover, plan and book intergenerational traditions. They’ll want to take their children to Bryce Canyon National Park and pontificate about geological uplift, erosion and the Paunsaugunt Plateau after days of wandering through hoodoos—humanoid sandstone pillars. Eyes may roll, but those littles will find themselves giving the same speech to their kids decades later–in the exact same spot. will lead them to national parks and awe-inspiring places they’ll never forget and will always preserve.

Chad Taylor,’s GM says, “As the national parks turn 100, we are proud to put Utah’s five national parks front and center for the celebration. But don’t forget, there’s lots more to see and do in our epic state, and you’ll find it all on”

Family And Children’s Association (FCA) And The Long Island Council On Alcoholism And Drug Dependence, Inc. (LICADD) Announce Strategic Partnership

Mineola, NY – Family and Children’s Association (FCA) and The Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD) – two of Long Island’s most prominent nonprofits – have entered into a strategic partnership that will consolidate administrative functions, reduce operating expenses and most importantly, create a seamless continuum of care for individuals and families struggling with addiction. Under the new arrangement, LICADD has become an affiliate of FCA.

Serving Long Island for more than 130 years, FCA is the product of several successful nonprofit mergers and currently manages an integrated network of more than two dozen human service programs. Two licensed chemical dependency treatment centers, a children’s mental health program, a shelter for homeless teens and transitional housing for young people are among the agency’s offerings. FCA’s annual budget is $22 million – most of which comes from government – and the organization currently employs 320 full-and part-time employees across 11 sites in Nassau County and one in Suffolk.

LICADD’s focus on addiction dates back more than 60 years and the largely privately funded agency offers a variety of evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs, family-centered addiction services and professional trainings. LICADD also maintains an earned income venture – an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that currently serves 60,000 private sector employees in the tri-state area. The agency currently has offices in Mineola, Holbrook and Riverhead. Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, FCA’s President and CEO, served as LICADD’s Executive Director from 2009-2015 and the agencies have several board members and major donors in common.

“This is the right move at the right time,” said Dr. Reynolds. “As Long Island struggles under the weight of an historic heroin crisis and a persistent fiscal crisis, joining forces means more efficiencies, pooled talent, and an even stronger continuum of care for individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders.”

Together, the agencies now offer a full menu of services ranging from school-based prevention programs, to mental health/substance abuse screenings, to brief interventions and NYS-licensed outpatient treatment, to recovery support and relapse prevention. Additional services offered by the agencies include: youth mentoring, services for military veterans, children’s mental health services, transitional housing and professional continuing education programs.

“Ultimately, this collaboration will allow both agencies to reach and assist more people. That is the only reason these two agencies exist; service provision and support for Long Islanders. We at LICADD are excited about this great partnership,” said LICADD Executive Director, Steve Chassman, LCSW, CASAC.

Under the formal agreement, LICADD will retain its identity, its 501 c 3 nonprofit status and existing programs for the foreseeable future, and FCA will help the agency manage staff, finances, existing grants and new opportunities in the rapidly evolving behavioral health marketplace.

“The two agencies have a long history of collaboration and mutual respect. It seemed like a natural progression to begin a formal partnership if we can assist more people in need,” said LICADD Board Chair, Jeff Capazzi.

FCA Board Chair Drew Crowley agrees: “This creative arrangement strengthens both organizations and ultimately benefits families on Long Island who need better access to high quality addiction services.”

IGF-1 Controlled Release by Bioelectric Stimulation Provisional Patent Filed by Leonhardt Ventures

Leonhardt Ventures, CerebraCell & BioLeonhardt File Provisional Patent Application For Electrical Stimulation Controlled Release of IGF-1

Key Tool in Regenerating Brains, Hearts, Eyes, Livers, Kidneys, Breasts, Lungs, Pancreas, Skin, Aortas, Heart Valves, Joints, Limbs and Arteries 

Santa Monica, CA and Salt Lake City, Utah , April 1st, 2016 – /PRBuzz- BioLeonhardt MyoStim and CerebraCell both founded by Leonhardt Ventures a developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced organ regeneration products has announced the expansion of their intellectual property portfolios. BioLeonhardt MyoStim and CerebraCell are incubating within the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. CerebraCell is dually incuating at the University of Northern California Science and Technology Center (UNC STIC) The startups via Leonhardt Ventures have filed a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for invention claims relating to bioelectric stimulation controlled release of IGF-1 a powerful cell, tissue and complete organ regeneration growth factor with a special focus on heart and brain regeneration but with applicability to a wide range of other organs and tissues.

Howard J. Leonhardt the Founder and CEO of Leonhardt Ventures, Cerebracell and BioLeonhardt MyoStim and Dr. Jorge Genovese a collaborative researcher from Buenos Aires, Argentina are co-inventors of this product. Howard Leonhardt previously patented a series of electrical stimulation devices and signals for homing stem cells to targeted tissues and the controlled differentiation when required into contractile muscle, even within scar tissue, starting back starting back in 2000. Dr. Genovese has been conducting electrical stimulation based regeneration research for over twenty years with numerous published peer reviewed papers.

“IGF-1 is one of the most potent growth factors in promoting cell, tissue and organ repair applicable to a wide variety of uses. It has been demonstrated to be especially useful in brain regeneration. Some people have referred to IGF-1 as the Fountain of Youth. We are proud to have extended our portfolio of bioelectrical stimulation controlled release of key proteins critical and useful for cell, tissue and organ regeneration to include IGF-1. We believe no other company has come up with a product better able to regenerate organs and tissues than our lineup of bioelectric stimualtors and stem cell micro pumps.” stated Howard J. Leonhardt, Co-Inventor

“Numerous published papers, including a number from our own labs, have documented the powerful ability of IGF-1 to promote repair and regeneration of tissues and organs. Until now there was not a practical, safe and cost effective method of controlled delivery. This invention is designed to solve the missing puzzle piece to reproducibly produce safe results in regenerating not only hearts, brains and limbs but other ailing organs including livers, kidneys, pancreas, eyes, aortas, arteries, heart valves, skin and lungs.” states Dr. Jorge Genovese co-inventor

IGF-1 can instigate the delivery of RNA, DNA and nucleic acids directly into a cell nucleus. Meanwhile nucleic acids are helpful in repairing the damage in the DNA, while stimulating cell division. Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 was demonstrated in pre-clinical studies to be a Potent Neuronal Rescue Agent after Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury in Fetal Lambs

Howard Leonhardt co-inventor of this device previously patented an electrical stimulation device for recruiting stem cells to damaged organs including the heart by causing the release of SDF-1 stromal derived factor-1 on demand working in collaboration with Dr. Juan Chachques of Paris – This issued U.S. patent has a separate claim for controlling the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells , recruited or injected from sources of bone marrow, fat and circulating blood, to contractile muscle in the depth of myocardial scar tissue. The stimulation voltages of this Leonhardt Chachques patented device range from 1 mV to about 40 mV in line with natural voltages sent by the brain to tissues to stimulate protein releases for repair and regeneration naturally. Also following natural signals utilized to form heart tissue during fetal development. In total Howard Leonhardt co-inventor of this provisional patent has over 21 issued U.S. patents related to treating heart and cardiovascular disease with over 100 individual patent claims with dozens more pending or in process – The Leonhardt Ventures led team has developed bioelectric signaling for the controlled release of SDF-1, VEGF, VEGF-B, Anti-VEGF, HGF, Follistatin, RANKL, Tropinelastin and now IGF-1 and is working on dozens of others.

Howard Leonhardt presented earlier this year their team’s 27 Year Experience with Stem Cell Therapies for Organ Regeneration and highlighted some of the spin out startup techonlogy platforms that have emerged from the original work on heart regeneration which are now also incubating in the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, UNC STIC and Leonhardt’s Launchpads –

About BioLeonhardt MyoStim:

BioLeonhardt MyoStim is a developer of products for heart and limb regeneration. Its flagship product for heart regeneration utilizes a micro voltage signal generator the size of a quarter implanted in the abdomen of a patient coupled with a re-fillable micro pump. The regeneration stimulator is programmed to cause stimulated tissues to release on demand control SDF-1 (a stem cell homing signal), VEGF (a blood vessel growth protein), HGF (an arrhythmia inhibitor), Follistatin (a muscle repair and formation promotor), VEGF microRNA PI3K/Ak activity enhancer for cardiac stem cell migration, Tropinelastin (improves elasticity of tissues). The micropump is re-filled at least once a week with MicroRNAs, nutrient hydrogel, adipose derived cells including endothelial progenitor cells, muscle stem cells, follistatin, pyruvate, tropinelastin, cardiac matrix and a cardiomyogenic and angiogenic cocktail of additional growth factors. The pump+stimulator combination is designed to totally regenerate a failing heart over a 36 month course of treatment. A similar combination product is used for limb salvage. BioLeonhardt MyoStim legally operates now during its formative development stage as a technology platform license unit (startup) of Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures operating within the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. and will soon be spun out as a stand alone C corporation when its own financial standing is secure enough. All capital for BioLeonhardt MyoStim and other Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. incubating startups and licensable technology platforms (all very high risk early stage startups – undercapitalized and understaffed) is raised only through Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc via 506D Part C – SEE RISK FACTORS HERE > limited to accredited and sophisticated investors only or Leonhardt Ventures’s own internal funds at this time. Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator is led by over 70 business mentors and team members with substantial industry experience – and over 35 scientists and clinicians on our Scientific Advisory Board –

About Leonhardt Ventures:

Since 1982 Howard Leonhardt (later registered as Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures 2005) has led the development and marketing of devices and biologics for treating cardiovascular and heart disease. In the 1980s they developed leadership in patented cardiovascular compliant balloon catheters, in the 1990’s stent grafts and percutaneous heart valves, in the 2000’s stem cell compositions for heart muscle repair and 2010’s electrical stimulation regenerative devices – Leonhardt Ventures owns 50.1% of Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. formed in 2012 and incorporated in California in 2013 a 5 year business and innovation accelerator for regenerative medtech and regenerative ecnonomy startups The above mentioned startups are all startup technology platforms at this time within the accelerator transitioning over 5 years from early stage concepts into full fledged stand alone companies. Cal-X Stars also helps operate Leonhardt’s Launchpads and the newly formed Leonhardt’s Launchpads Utah, LABioHub, Startup California, Cal-X Crowdfund Connect and Cal-Xelerator all focused on launching early stage startups.

About CerebraCell:

CerebraCell – microcurrent based non-invasive or minimally invasive energy system for brain regeneration which for advanced cases may be coupled with a stem cell/growth factor micro pump. Also non-invasive cerebral aneurysm repair –

About EyeCell:

EyeCell (eye) – – is focused on bioelectric stimulation and stem cell micro pump regeneration of failing eyes.

This provisional patent application was filed electronically utilizing software.


Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center Has Sold Out for Space Foundation’s 32nd Space Symposium

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (April 1, 2016) – The 32nd Space Symposium’s Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center and Pavilion has sold out for 2016, with 189 exhibits of the world’s latest space technology, products and services, including 54 first-time exhibitors at the Symposium.

The 32nd Space Symposium will be held April 11-14, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., and is expected to attract thousands of space leaders from more than 25 countries, representing all sectors of the global space community.

More international participation than ever is expected this year, with 30 international exhibits representing 14 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, the UK and U.S.

The Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center will open Monday evening, April 11, immediately following the Space Symposium’s opening ceremony, and will be open through Thursday, April 14. Exhibits are displayed in two halls — the Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center in Broadmoor Hall and the adjacent Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center Pavilion.

The Lockheed Martin Exhibit Center is open to Space Symposium participants and is not open to the general public. See the complete list of exhibitors and a map of the exhibits at

Exhibitors are encouraged to plan now for the 33rd Space Symposium, to be held at The Broadmoor, April 3 – 6, 2017. Reserve exhibit space by contacting

Space Symposium Co-sponsors

a.i. solutions; Aerojet Rocketdyne; Aerus; AGI; Arianespace, Inc.; ASRC Federal; BAE Systems; Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.; Boeing; Booz Allen Hamilton; Colorado Space Coalition; Dynetics; El Pomar Foundation; Euroconsult;FLUOR; General Dynamics; Holland & Hart; Inmarsat; Intelsat General Corporation; Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co.;Northrop Grumman; Orbital Systems; RBC Signals; Raytheon; SAIC; Secure World Foundation; SES Government Solutions; Spincraft; SpaceX; Stellar Solutions; United Launch Alliance (ULA). Aviation Week Network, ROOM and Space News are official media partners.

About the Space Foundation

Founded in 1983, the Space Foundation is the foremost advocate for all sectors of space, and is a global, nonprofit leader in space awareness activities, educational programs and major industry events, including the annual Space Symposium, in support of its mission “to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.” Space Foundation World Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, has a public Discovery Center, including El Pomar Space Gallery, Northrop Grumman Science Center featuring Science On a Sphere® and the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center. The Space Foundation has a field office in Houston and conducts government affairs from its Washington, D.C., office. It publishes The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activityand through its Space CertificationTM andSpace Technology Hall of Fame® programs, recognizes space-based innovations that have been adapted to improve life on Earth. Visit, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Flickr andYouTube, and read our e-newsletter Space Watch.

Dr. Hugh Possingham Named Chief Scientist of The Nature Conservancy

ARLINGTON, VA (April 1, 2016) — The Nature Conservancy (TNC) announced today that Dr. Hugh Possingham will join the organization as Chief Scientist. Possingham will lead the work of more than 600 scientists engaged in conservation efforts impacting 69 countries around the world.

“Science is at the core of our work,” said Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. “Throughout his career, Hugh has used science to elevate the impact and effectiveness of conservation programs. I am confident that he will build on The Nature Conservancy’s great history of science-based conservation and will help us achieve our ambitious goals.”

“It is a delight to be part of a global conservation organization with such a strong commitment to using evidence and data to solve environmental problems on the ground,” said Possingham. “Knowing that TNC has over 600 scientists among its 3,500 staff, working with thousands of partners to protect nature, is exciting and humbling.”

Possingham is currently an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and director of The Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at the University of Queensland. He simultaneously serves as director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) and the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP) Threatened Species Recovery Hub.

A Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences, Possingham’s groundbreaking research has been published in such leading journals as Science, Nature and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). His team’s Marxan software drove Australia’s rezoning of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and is now used in more than 150 countries to change the face of about 5% of the planet’s surface.

As a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, and many other review committees and boards, Possingham has been a leading voice in providing independent advice to the Australian government and the public about environmental issues.

1957 Chevy Z-57 Convertible Giveaway Benefiting Kosair Charities

Chances being sold now

2016 Car

Louisville, KY – April 1, 2016 – Don’t miss your chance to win a one-of-a-kind 1957 Chevy Z-57 Convertible. Kosair Charities and Trust For Life will be selling $10 chances to win this sleek custom car. This beautiful 1957 Chevy Z-57 Convertible features an orange and black exterior.

The 1957 Chevy Z-57 Convertible will be on display at the following events:

  • 2016 Mid-America Truck Show at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center from March 31-April 2
  • GoodGuys Nashville Nationals at Nissan Stadium from May 13-15
  • Heartland Car Show in Elizabethtown, Ky. on Sat., July 20 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Shades of the Past Hot Rod Roundup at Dollywood’s Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. from Sept. 9-10
  • GoodGuys Nostalgia Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Ky. from Oct. 14-16

Tickets are $10 each for a chance to win this beautiful custom car, and can be purchased by mailing a check payable to Kosair Shrine at Kosair Charities P.O. Box 37370, Louisville, Ky. 40233 or by visiting the Kosair Shrine Center at 4120 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40218. The Chevy Z-57 will be given to a winner at the Kosair Shrine Classic Car Giveaway Party on Nov. 11 at the Kosair Shrine Center at 4120 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40218 from 6 p.m. to midnight. Ticket stubs serve as entry to the party that includes a concert by the Monarchs, light hors d’oeuvres, and a cash bar.

All net proceeds from tickets sold will benefit Kosair Charities.

Red Nose Day, National Fundraising Movement And Live NBC Broadcast, Returns For 2016

Star-Studded Red Nose Day Special to Air Live on NBC May 26

Walgreens Is the Exclusive Red Nose Day Retailer for Second Year in a Row, Red Noses Now on Sale Nationwide

Los Angeles, CA (March 31, 2016) – Today, Red Nose Day announced the return of its second annual campaign, inviting the American public to come together on May 26 to have fun and make a difference for kids who need our help the most – those at home and around the world.

People across the country can get involved by purchasing a Red Nose at Walgreens, hosting a fundraiser in their communities and watching the live NBC special, featuring some of the world’s biggest stars. Red Nose Day is on a mission to lift kids out of poverty and has raised more than $1 billion globally in the last 25 years.

The 2016 “FUN-raising” campaign kicks off this week, with the campaign’s iconic Red Noses on sale now in Walgreens nationwide. It will culminate with a star-studded NBC broadcast live from Los Angeles on May 26 (9-11 p.m. ET). The primetime television special will feature stand-up performances, sketch comedy, short films and music performances from popular artists. Participating celebrities and performers for 2016 will be announced at a later date.

In 2015, more than 100 celebrities lent their support to Red Nose Day’s inaugural campaign in the U.S., with stars including Julia Roberts, Pharrell, Will Ferrell, Michelle Rodriguez, Blake Shelton, Reese Witherspoon, Jack Black and Ed Sheeran appearing on the NBC special. More than $23 million was raised for the Red Nose Day Fund, with the money now at work in all 50 states and 15 countries internationally through programs to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated.

The money raised by Red Nose Day in 2016 will help support projects in some of the neediest communities in the U.S. and some of the poorest communities in the world. In 2016, partner charities include Boys & Girls Club of America; charity:water; Children’s Health Fund; Covenant House; Feeding America; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; National Council of La Raza; National Urban League; Oxfam America; Save the Children and The Global Fund.

“Seeing Red Nose Day come to America in 2015 was a real joy. We were so delighted by the response it received,” said Richard Curtis, co-creator of Red Nose Day, and writer-director of films such as Love Actually and Notting Hill. “We’re gearing up for an even bigger Red Nose Day in 2016, and I hope even more people will join us – having fun as they raise or give money. With the support and generosity of the American public, of NBC, of our brand partners, and of so many amazing stars, it’s wonderful to know that we’re going to raise enough money to help change – and even save – the lives of a huge number of kids in the U.S. and around the world.”​​

“What we accomplished during our first Red Nose Day was remarkable. The goal for our second telecast is to build on that incredible foundation with a highly entertaining, star-studded show that will raise millions for children who are truly in need,” said Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Late Night Programming, NBC Entertainment.

This year is the second year NBC, Walgreens and M&M’S are partnering with Red Nose Day. NBC is the official broadcast partner with Walgreens and M&M’S set as two of the presenting media sponsors. Walgreens is also the official retail partner for millions of Red Noses, a range of Red Nose Day “Flair” merchandise and a host of other Red Nose Day partner products.

For more information, visit the Red Nose Day website and follow @RedNoseDayUS on Twitter and @RedNoseDayUSA on Facebook and Instagram using #RedNoseDay.

New Grants & Scholarship Coordinator at Centre Foundation

State College, PA – Ashley Pipe will join Centre Foundation’s team as the Grants and Scholarship Coordinator beginning Monday, April 4th.

“Centre County has welcomed me and has given me so much,” Pipe said. “I look forward to joining the Centre Foundation team and am grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the community!”

Pipe has lived in the area over ten years and is a Penn State graduate. She worked for Penn State in a variety of capacities, most recently as a Web Editor and World Campus Program Assistant in the Curriculum and Instruction Department of Penn State’s College of Education. Prior to that, she was employed with the Penn State University Libraries for five years.

Ashley Pipe

Ashley Pipe

“Ashley brings so many qualities to our team that will serve the community well,” said Molly Kunkel, Executive Director at Centre Foundation. “She has a passion for making a difference and will be able to do just that – especially through our granting programs and the over $200,000 in scholarships we distribute annually.”

Pipe and her husband, Michael, live in Millheim. She volunteers with Tides and is on the board of Schlow Library Foundation and Altrusa.

Tracy Carey, the current Grants & Scholarship Coordinator, will be taking a position with the Huntingdon County Library as the Executive Director later in April.

Lauren Manfredi

Lauren Manfredi

In February, Centre Foundation also hired Lauren Manfredi, who serves on the team as the Office Assistant. Manfredi is also a Penn State graduate and comes to the Foundation by way of the Nittany Lion Inn.

“Centre Foundation is growing and Lauren is doing a great job of helping us balance this growth,” noted Kunkel. “She is providing critical support service to our team and excellent customer service to our community partners.”

Centre Foundation is committed to helping donors fulfill their philanthropic goals by building and maintaining a permanent collection of endowment funds. The Foundation champions the betterment of Centre County for both present and future generations with trustworthy leadership in shaping effective responses to community issues and opportunities.

Take Your Daughters, Sons, and “Littles” to Work (All Year Long!)

New initiative #SparkingAhaMoments fulfills challenge from President Obama

By Carolyn McKecuen
March 31, 2016

Elizabeth City, NC – Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® (TODASTW) Foundation announced today it will be offering year-long curriculum options. The Foundation will roll out the curriculum delivery to children and mentees (aka “Littles”) with one of their new partners, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA). The new customizable curriculum that is #SparkingAhaMoments will be available to businesses, families, schools, and organizations three weeks prior to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day —Thursday, April 28, 2016—and throughout the year at the website.

Each year, more than 3.5 million American workplaces open their doors to over 39 million employees and their children on TODASTW Day. Over the past decade, numerous communities and schools have loved the program so much they asked for year-round options for participation.

In April 2015, the White House hosted 200 youth from underserved communities in the Washington, D.C. area. At that time, President Obama officially called for the program’s expansion asking employers to reach out to young people who don’t have a workplace to visit. See Obama’s TODASTW video address on YouTube and the White House blog entry.

President Obama made one thing very clear: We must embrace all youth in our efforts to counter the widening knowledge gap between what students are taught in the classroom and what they need to know to be successful in the workplace. In response, the TODASTW Foundation forged a partnership with BBBSA.

The new year-round activity guides available to all daughters, sons, and BBBSA “Littles” include business, creativity, science, money management, and other lifestyle content:

  1. Activity guides for elementary, middle, and high school students are developed each year by the TODASTW Foundation and its sponsors. These guides introduce engaging activities designed to build confidence as well as highlight the history of this time-honored tradition. The Bright Ideas Guide, previously available for purchase, is now downloadable for free and perfect for workplace coordinators.
  2. The National Foundation for Financial Education’s High School Planning Program provides five activity guides focusing on financial literacy. The Student Guide is the introductory lesson. Supplementary guides address topics such as Earning Power, Education Options, Achieving Goals: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, Accomplishments and Career Planning.
  3. Award-winning producer and director Barnet Bain gives us the techniques we need to get the most out of our creative selves. Jumpstarting Creativity is the curriculum developed by the Oscar-winning film producer, Columbia University faculty member and author of “The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work.” There is an elementary and junior high guide as well as a teen and adults creativity guide.
  4., a free noncommercial online platform which showcases video clips of diverse women role models, developed the 2016 Career Girls Event Facilitator Guide that incorporates their dynamic website.
  5. Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation collaborated with The Engineering Place at North Carolina State University to develop three hands-on activity guides that focus solely on STEM Education for school age youth. Each of these guides places emphasis on the engineering design process and teaches students how to overcome obstacles through creativity and teamwork. There are three guides: Challenge L1 STEM Guide, Challenge L2 STEM Guide and Challenge L3 STEM Guide.
  6. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) promotes the lessons of free enterprise to build the next generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

All these materials can be accessed at the TODASTW Foundation Activity Guides website page.

The 2016 theme is #SparkingAhaMoments. Participants are encouraged to post video, photos and other online posts about how they have been inspired to pursue their career inspirations, as well as conversations with children such as, “How do you think this item on my desk helps me do my job?” Please tag all online posts with #SparkingAhaMoments.

About Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work: Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives. This national, public education program connects what children learn at school with the actual working world. Children learn that a family-friendly work environment is an employer and family issue and not just a gender or age issue. Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work helps girls and boys across the nation discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life.

About Big Brothers Big Sisters of America: Big Brothers Big Sisters provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Big Brothers Big Sisters ensures that the children in its program achieve such measurable outcomes as educational success, avoidance of risky behaviors, higher aspirations, greater confidence and better relationships. This mission has been the cornerstone of the organization’s 111-year history. With over 300 agencies across the country, Big Brothers Big Sisters serves nearly 170,000 children (“Littles”), their families and 170,000 volunteer mentors (“Bigs”). Learn more at

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