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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: September 2014

RAZ Mobile & JSMM Announce #HelpKC10

Kansas Citians Are Asked To Nominate Favorite KC Charities To Win Free Social Media & Mobile Fundraising Sites for #GivingTuesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —- RAZ Mobile and Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) have teamed up to form a new campaign, #HelpKC10, to provide free social media and mobile fundraising sites to 10 Kansas City nonprofits. To nominate an organization for consideration, tweet @RAZ_Mobile or @valeriejennings with the #HelpKC10 hashtag and the name of the charity of your choice. Representatives from nonprofits may also nominate their own charities.

Nominations will be accepted until midnight on Sept. 30, 2014. On Oct. 1, RAZ Mobile and JSMM will announce the 10 Kansas City nonprofit organizations that have received the most nominations.

The winners will be able to set up a free mobile fundraising page through RAZ Mobile and receive free social media content from JSMM to promote and raising money for the nonprofit. Everything will culminate on #GivingTuesday Dec. 2, 2014, a global day of celebration for people, organizations and businesses to give back.

Dale Knoop, CEO of RAZ Mobile, said, “For the past few months, Valerie Jennings and the team at JSMM have been working with us to create cause marketing campaigns for nonprofits and JSMM’s locally- and nationally-based clients. These campaigns were an enormous success, so we want to bring it home and help serve our local Kansas City community. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, added, “Cause marketing is not only important during the season of giving, but many consumers and businesses look to brands that embrace corporate social responsibility in their company cultures. We are facilitating communication and relationships between corporate and nonprofit community leaders to help one another during this critical time of year for fundraising. Together, Kansas Cititans can raise money and awareness for their favorite charities.”

About RAZ Mobile:

RAZ Mobile allows nonprofits engaged in fundraising to quickly create a branded, content-rich mobile optimized site for more effective supporter communications and increased fundraising opportunities. Every donation goes immediately to the nonprofit’s existing merchant account and repeat donations can be made in seconds with a few taps on the donor’s smartphone or tablet.

About JSMM:

JSMM is a full service company that utilizes the art of online storytelling with the science of measuring quantifiable results. JSMM creates comprehensive social media marketing, mobile, Web videos and website design and development strategies. The company represents publicly traded to medium-sized businesses across the U.S. and overseas including technology, sports, sustainability, entertainment, travel, financial, healthcare and real estate.

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Groundbreaking Climate Change Mitigation Program to Protect 9 Million Hectares of Forest and Benefit 1.8 Million People in the Congo Basin

New York City – 25 September 2014 – In the midst of the UN Climate Summit, on Wednesday, 24 September, His Excellency Minister N’sa Mputu Elima, Minister of Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Mike Korchinsky, Founder and President of Wildlife Works presented a groundbreaking national REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) program to protect the Congo Basin Forest through Africa’s largest pay-for-performance initiative designed to capture the natural value of standing forests.

The presentation followed the announcement of The New York Declaration on Forests in which world leaders from governments, businesses and NGOs joined together to commit to drastically reduce emissions to combat climate change by slowing, halting and reversing forest loss by 2020.

“The United Nations has framed the climate change problem and the Government of the DRC has presented a compelling solution,” Korchinsky said. “There is a window of opportunity right now for the private sector to join the sovereign funds and do their part to invest in our collective future by reducing the impact of their unavoidable emissions through the protection of the Congo Basin Forest.”

The DRC Government came to New York to present its solution to save the Congo Basin Forest to policy makers, corporate leaders and foundation directors. Minister Elima informed the audience that the DRC Government has completed a multi-year strategic planning effort for a massive green development program to be financed by the sale of emission reductions earned only if the DRC can dramatically reduce deforestation. “The DRC accepts its responsibility to protect its forests for the benefit of humanity,” Minister Elima said. “But as a developing country for us to move from planning to implementation, we require a partnership with industrialized nations to provide the financial support needed by the program. We hope this innovative climate change mitigation program can become a model for the Congo Basin Forest Nations of Africa and perhaps for forest nations throughout the developing world. We believe this program can demonstrate the transformational power of REDD+ to conserve our forests for future generations while providing unprecedented green development for our citizens.”

The DRC’s pilot program is a landmark initiative built upon the success of Mai Ndombe, Wildlife Works’ pioneering REDD+ project in the DRC. The program will safeguard about 10% of the DRC’s forest estate utilizing the UN’s REDD+ mechanism to protect nearly 9M hectares of primary tropical rainforest within a 12M-hectare landscape, almost the size of England. The area is home to more than 1.8M people as well as magnificent endangered species, including the forest elephant and the bonobo, the great ape that is the closest relative to humans and that lives only in the DRC.

The DRC holds 155M hectares of forest, which is more than 50% of all of Africa’s forests. The DRC’s Congo Basin Forest is second only to Brazil’s Amazon in global size and significance. But the DRC also has the lowest score on the United Nations’ Human Development Index as a consequence of decades of civil war and political instability that have only recently ended. With peace will come development, and that development will either be fueled by the destruction of forest resources, or funded by the success of this program.

The program has garnered high-level support from the scientific and policy communities.

“The Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC is essentially the first time that we have given so much importance to forestry and we have clearly stated that if we want to limit temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius, then we will have to stop deforestation and expand forest area,” said Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at Wednesday’s event. “REDD+ embodies the importance that science places on expanding forest cover and doing away with deforestation – and doing it in a manner that is market friendly.”

Mario Boccucci, Head of the UN-REDD Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland also acknowledged the program’s significance. “Ever since the emergence of REDD+ under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the DRC has been one of the leading countries in advancing REDD+ and moving the process forward both nationally and internationally. Today, with this event, it proves again its leadership on REDD+ and its ability to convene a number of partners in its support. This is a tribute to the level of political will and commitment towards REDD+ in the country, a political will that the Summit yesterday sought to achieve in other countries as well. The UN-REDD Programme congratulates the DRC for its resolve and we hope that support from all partners will meet the same level of ambition in realizing the potential of REDD+ as a powerful incentive for green economic development.”

The World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility recently acknowledged the innovative nature and global significance of this emission reductions program by accepting the DRC into the Carbon Fund pipeline. The Carbon Fund is a World Bank program that will pay selected forest nations for proving they can reduce emissions from deforestation. The DRC is under consideration for this program, but even if selected will need to find significant additional sources of financing to ensure the program achieves its full potential for success.

Sovereign funds and multilateral banks have already pledged billions of dollars to support early action national REDD+ programs in Brazil and Indonesia, the world’s first and third largest tropical forest nations, and those with the highest historical deforestation rates. The DRC is the second largest forest nation, and has stepped up to meet the challenge of finding a new development pathway that can avoid the massive destruction seen in Brazil and Indonesia. Success in the DRC will catalyze a massive scaling of REDD+ that can quickly and efficiently mitigate hundreds of millions of tons of annual emissions and at the same time provide substantial green development for local forest communities.

Wildlife Works is investing alongside the DRC Government to help design and implement the program. “We believe the DRC Government’s REDD+ green development plan may be the single most vital social and environmental initiative of our time as this program’s success will prove that the most impoverished communities in one of the most impoverished countries on earth can find a way to meet their economic development needs without destroying their forests. If the DRC can succeed then surely all other forest nations can follow suit,” said Korchinsky.

Wildlife Works is one of the key organizations on the advisory team supporting the DRC Government on the development of its national REDD+ program. Other partners in program design and development include WWF and a broad network of local civil society organizations in the DRC.

About Wildlife Works

Wildlife Works is a unique private sector forest conservation company founded in 2009 and based in Mill Valley, CA. The company aims to make a massive contribution to reducing global emissions while protecting some of the most important and highly threatened tropical forests in the world.

Wildlife Works is currently engaged in several developing country forest communities, managing their transition away from forest destruction and towards sustainable economic development. Wildlife Works is a private company using the innovative market mechanism REDD+ to finance activities and to provide the financial incentives for those communities and governments to protect their forests.

REDD+ places a value on the natural capital of standing forests as the key element in mitigating climate change and sells that value to willing corporate leaders who are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their organizations. In addition to reducing emissions from avoiding deforestation, Wildlife Works REDD+ projects deliver unprecedented environmental and social benefits to seriously impoverished parts of Africa that are in desperate need of change.

Wildlife Works is a business that protects forests and the wildlife that live within them, and provides communities with a sustainable and transformative development path.

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Social Venture Network Announces 2014 Innovation Award Winners

Meet the Next Generation of World-Changing Entrepreneurs

SAN FRANCISCO – Deforestation. Pollution. Soil degradation. Poverty. These are just a handful of the critical social and environmental problems Social Venture Network’s 2014 Innovation Award winners are addressing through groundbreaking business practices. From stoves that save 10 tons of firewood each year to a pioneering training program for low-income entrepreneurs, the SVN Innovation Awards program recognizes companies and organizations that are changing the way the world does business.

Now in its 27th year, SVN serves as the leading peer-to-peer network of influential, values-driven entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. This year’s Innovation Award winners have the unique distinction of being the standouts of the next generation of socially responsible business leaders. Coast to coast, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Bay of Bengal, SVN Innovation Award winners are working in diverse and cutting edge ways to solve the most pressing social and environmental problems. Their backgrounds and approaches may not look the same, but the common thread that binds them is their shared imperative to leverage business to build a more just, humane and sustainable world.

Expert Judges

The 2014 Innovation Award winners were selected by a panel of 16 expert judges, including Leigh Buchanan of Inc. magazine, Neil Grimmer of Plum Organics, Jean Oelwang of Virgin Unite, Jorge Calderon of Impact Strategy Advisors and Ed Dugger of the National Institute for a Sustainable Economy. The entrants were judged on their use of innovation, impact and ability to scale.

The Winners

Jason Bradford and Craig Wichner, Farmland LP: The demand for organic foods continues to grow exponentially, but the availability of organic farmland and raw materials lags far behind. With more than $50 million of acreage under management, Farmland LP demonstrates that sustainable agriculture at scale is economically superior to conventional agriculture, which relies on agrochemicals and commodity crops due to the high cost of land. Farmland LP provides investors with the opportunity to own high quality farmland, while the company’s land management practices increase investor cash flow by using sustainable crop and livestock rotations. By providing access to high quality, organic, sustainable acreage, Farmland LP enables organic farmers and progressive ranchers to focus on the crops and livestock they produce best.

Shannon Dosmegan, Public Lab: A broken CD, an old VHS case and an inexpensive webcam. These three items usually end up as trash, but the innovators at Public Lab have turned them into a low-cost, do-it-yourself alternative to the traditional spectrometer – a tool used to detect neurotoxins and ordinarily costs thousands of dollars. This innovation is just one example of Public Lab’s unique approach to addressing environmental issues. Public Lab makes inexpensive and accessible do-it-yourself techniques available for underserved communities by applying open-source techniques to the development of tools for environmental exploration and investigation. In addition, Public Lab generates knowledge and shares data about community environmental health, while focusing on locally relevant outcomes that emphasize human capacity and understanding.

Alfa Demmellash, Rising Tide Capital: From poverty and isolation to opportunity and innovation, Rising Tide Capital believes that the best way to revitalize local economies is to support and grow the entrepreneurial energy and talent that exists in every neighborhood. Rising Tide Capital works with a community of emerging entrepreneurs to equip them with the tools, skills and access to funding they need to grow successful businesses. When these entrepreneurs are empowered to succeed, they not only generate income for their families, they create a ripple effect that catalyzes the social and economic development of their local community.

Svati Bhogle, Sustaintech India: Severe respiratory disease, unsustainable CO2 emissions and indoor air pollution are grave concerns facing India as a direct result of traditional cooking stoves. Sustaintech India is a social enterprise that manufactures and sells sustainable energy products, including fuel-efficient commercial cook stoves, designed to improve the health of underserved populations, reduce firewood consumption, slow deforestation and contribute to India’s climate change mitigation efforts. Sustaintech’s smoke-free PYRO stoves provide a path out of poverty for street food vendors along with substantial environmental benefits: each stove in its lifetime conserves two acres of open forests and saves 10 tons of firewood per year.

SVN 2014 Innovation Award Benefits

This year’s award winners were judged based on the innovation and impact their businesses demonstrated in solving social, environmental and economic problems. The winners will be formally recognized at SVN’s 2014 Fall Conference to be held October 23-26 in Greenwich, CT, where they will present their pioneering work to an audience of more than 400 CEOs, investors and social entrepreneurs. They will receive two years of SVN membership, support and advisory services from SVN members and extensive media promotion. Sustaintech India will receive support from both SVN ( and SVN India (

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We CAN Win the Fight Against Hunger

Winners of the 2014 Canstruction®Orange County Design/Build Competition Revealed

COSTA MESA, CA [September 28, 2014] – The OC Food Bank is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Canstruction Orange County competition that brought together nineteen local architectural, engineering, and design teams to create phenomenal structures built entirely out of canned food. The structures are on display at South Coast Plaza in conjunction with the Festival of Children.

“This year we had the best teams and all-star judges coming together to help the OC Food Bank,” said Betsy Nickless, Canstruction Orange County Event Co-Chair. “The winning teams really did a wonderful job of creatively using thousands of cans to build an interesting sculpture from every angle.”The following Canstruction winners were decided by a panel of judges comprised of Afshan Afshar, AIA Orange County; Dwight Detter, Whole Foods Market; Wing Lam, Wahoo’s Fish Taco; Anita Lau – diary of a Mad Hungry Woman; and Kyle Patterson, J.L. Patterson & Associates.

HONORABLE MENTION – BASSENIAN | LAGONI ARCHITECTS: “ORANGEYou Glad We Are Helping to End Hunger?” (Total Cans: 2,332) is a giant orange with leaves created from teabags in green packets.

HONORABLE MENTION – CH2M Hill: “Get your Fill with Tetris” (Total Cans: 3,318) is a 10’-high Gameboy with Tetris on the screen.

HONORABLE MENTION – Disneyland Resort, Design & Engineering: “Melt Away Hunger” (4,932) depicts Olaf from the movie, Frozen.

MOST CANS – SVA Architects: “Don’t Let Hunger Drag-On” (Total Cans: 5,680) was inspired by How to Train Your Dragon.

BEST MEAL – Fluor: “Our LEGOcy to Children” (Total Cans: 5,258) shows giant Lego figures packing food boxes.

STRUCTURAL INGENUITY – Gregg Maedo + Associates: “CANzillaDestroys Hunger” (Total Cans: 2,710) depicts a 10’-high Godzilla destroying a city plagued with hunger.

BEST USE OF LABELS – Jacobs: “We Refuse to be ‘Koi’ About Hunger” (Total Cans: 2,519) is a 10’-long colorful Koi fish.

JURY’S FAVORITE – McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.: “Changing the Face of Hunger” (Total Cans: 2,315) used Leseur silver canned peas and beans to create a giant head with a hidden heart.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Fluor: “Our LEGOcy to Children” (Total Cans: 5,258)

At the completion of the exhibition on September 28th, all of the cans will be donated to the OC Food Bank. This year’s donations will allow the OC Food Bank to provide 233,840 meals to low-income Orange County residents. “Canstruction not only fights hunger by creating beautiful sculptures that will feed thousand of hungry families, but also allows the OC Food Bank to shine light on Orange County’s current hunger crisis,” said Mark Lowry, Director of the OC Food Bank. “Hunger and poverty are huge issues nation wide,and we are grateful to all the participants for helping us raise awareness and donating nutritious shelf-stable food items for families, children, and seniors in need.”

To teach children about the local fight to end hunger, the Festival of Children is also encouraging children to bring in a can of food to South Coast Plaza at noon on September 28th. Donors will get their picture taken with Yo Gabba Gabba!

If you are interested in information on how you can help end hunger during National Hunger Action Month and feed Orange County’s low-income children, please contact (714) 897-6670 x 3404 or Together, we can eliminate hunger and poverty in Orange County.

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AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund Donates $3.7 Million to Organizations Nationwide

Locally, AMC Awards $45,000 to Two Organizations

Leawood, Kan. (Sept. 24, 2014) – AMC Theatres is proud to announce New York City-based City Harvest, Inc. and Starlight Children’s Foundation NY*NJ*CT received a combined $45,000 through the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund. During the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund Annual Ceremony, AMC announced the 2014 awards for 37 charitable organizations nationwide. This year, AMC donated $755,000 in cash and more than $3 million in in-kind donations to charities that support children and youth.

Two charitable organizations in New York City received cash grants made possible by the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund:

  • City Harvest is the world’s first food rescue organization dedicated to feeding hungry New Yorkers by rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste. With $25,000 from the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund, City Harvest’s Fruit Bowl will provide low-income children with healthy snacks. This grant will expand the City Harvest’s Fruit Bowl to include 320 classrooms at 83 sites and will provide low-income children with 570,000 lbs. of fresh fruit and low-fat dairy.
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation serves children who suffer from chronic or serious illnesses, physical disabilities and injuries. A $20,000 grant will help fund Starlight Escapes, family outings that create fun, positive memories for seriously or chronically ill children aged 4-18 and their parents and siblings. AMC Movie Days are popular among Starlight children in New York because of wheelchair-accessible seating for children with limited mobility.

“AMC theatres are an important part of the social fabric of the neighborhoods and communities we serve,” said Gerry Lopez, CEO and president of AMC. “Through the AMC Cares Charitable Fund, our associates nationwide have the opportunity to participate in giving back to meaningful charitable organizations in their own communities.”

This year, organizations that support youth and children were asked to visit to fill out an application by July 18. A group of AMC associates from around the country selected the charities they felt best fit AMC’s goals and values, and allocated the cash from the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund and other resources accordingly.

The AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund is a component fund of Tulsa Community Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that worked closely with AMC to administer the AMC Annual Grant Evaluation process to pare down the applicants to the selected recipients.

AMC Cares Charitable Grants – AMC Committee-Awarded Cash Recipients

Adult and Child Mental Health Center – IN ($20,000)
Camp for Kids – MO ($15,000)
Chances and Services for Youth – IN ($5,000)
City Harvest – NY ($25,000)
Eden Autism Services – NJ ($15,000)
Family and Community Education and Support – CO ($20,000)
Guadalupe Centers, Inc. – MO ($20,000)
Happy Hollow Children’s Camp – IN ($10,000)
Harvesters – The Community Food Network – MO ($25,000)
Hollenbeck Police Activities – CA ($15,000)
Home Works – MO ($15,000)
Hoops for Hope – KS ($5,000)
Just Like You – KS ($15,000)
Lake Mary Center – KS ($10,000)
Make Way for Books – AZ (25,000)
Make-A-Wish Foundation – MO ($20,000)
Mercy Health Foundation – MO ($10,000)
Operation Breakthrough – MO ($10,000)
Pathfinders Milwaukee – WI ($10,000)
PF Bresee Foundation – CA ($25,000)
Philadelphia Children’s Alliance – PA ($10,000)
Pomeroy – CA ($10,000)
Prevention Education – NJ ($10,000)
School on Wheels – IN ($15,000)
Starlight Children’s Foundation – NY ($20,000)
The Moyer Foundation – PA ($25,000)
Together We Rise – CA ($25,000)
United Way – Kansas City – MO ($20,000)
Variety Children’s Charity – MO ($10,000)
Women of Tomorrow – FL & MI ($10,000)

AMC Cares Charitable Grants – AMC Committee-Awarded In-Kind Recipients

Beverly’s Birthdays – PA (Annual Pass)
Free Arts for Abused Children of New York City – NY (Paper Passes)
Harvesters – The Community Food Network – MO (On-Screen PSAs)
Just Like You – KS (Movie Screening)
KaBoom! – D.C. (On-Screen PSAs)
Make-A-Wish Foundation – MO (Annual Passes)
PF Bresee Foundation – CA (On-Screen PSAs)
Pomeroy – CA (Annual Passes)
Prevention Education – NJ (Paper Passes)
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – TN (On-Screen PSAs)
Starlight Children’s Foundation – NY (Paper Passes)
The Moyer Foundation – PA (On-Screen PSAs)
Together We Rise – CA (On-Screen PSAs)

AMC Cares Charitable Grants – Guest-Focused Initiatives/Additional Grant Recipients

Autism Speaks – NY ($25,000)
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City – MO ($100,000)
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – MO ($25,000; On-Screen PSAs)
The Autism Society – MD ($25,000)
Will Rogers Foundation – CA ($100,000)

About Starlight Children’s Foundation NY*NJ*CT

Starlight Children’s Foundation New York*NJ*CT is part of Starlight’s global network, serving kids and families through partnerships with more than 100 healthcare facilities. Founded in 1982, Starlight is a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world. Collaborating with innovators in pediatric healthcare, entertainment and technology, Starlight provides a unique blend of family-centered programs and services from hospital to home. Starlight partners with more than 1,750 healthcare facilities and pediatric hospitals in Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, serving millions of children every year. To learn more, visit

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Camfed Partners With Pearson to Train 5,000 Learner Guides In Sub-Saharan Africa

Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard Announce CHARGE – a new Clinton Global Initiative Commitment for Girls’ Secondary Education

New York – September 24, 2014 – Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), an international nonprofit organization that invests in the education of girls in rural Africa, today announced that Pearson, one of the world’s leading learning and education companies, will train and certify 5,000 Camfed Learner Guides.

“Camfed’s model works to set in place a virtuous cycle of education, economic security and leadership among young women in Africa,” said Lucy Lake, CEO of Camfed. “And one of the most important ways that we are achieving that is through the activism of the graduates of our education program who are supporting the education of the next generation of girls. Pearson, a longtime Camfed partner, has stepped up to ensure that these Learner Guides are trained and certified under Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) standards and fully prepared to be mentors and guides.”

Learner Guides are young women who have graduated from secondary school under Camfed’s support, and are now volunteering to teach and mentor children at local schools in remote rural areas. Often, they are the only female role models for girls in the school. Working closely with school authorities, Learner Guides identify and address particular problems that girls may face that hinder school attendance and overall success at school.

“We’re excited to expand our valued partnership with Camfed,” said Manos Kapterian, VP of International Qualifications at Pearson. “By investing in the training of an additional 3,000 Camfed Learner Guides in Ghana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, we bring our total commitment to more than 5,000. We are proud to be part of the transformation of these women into educated business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders. This is precisely the type of social impact that forms the core of Pearson’s purpose, as a company committed to helping people make progress in their lives through learning.”

“Through the BTEC, a transferable vocational qualification, Learner Guides themselves acquire an important, internationally benchmarked qualification that provides a stepping-stone into formal higher education and teacher training,” said Lucy Lake, CEO of Camfed. “The 5,000 Learner Guides will reach over 150,000 girls to improve their attendance, retention and learning at secondary school.”

The Camfed-Pearson training program was announced as part of the Clinton Global Initiative’s CHARGE (The Collaborative for Harnessing Ambition and Resources for Girls’ Education) Commitment, which was announced by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the final day of the tenth annual CGI Annual Meeting in New York City. CHARGE unites the efforts of Government, civil society organizations, and private sector corporations to work together towards one common goal in supporting the education of girls around the world.

As part of the Commitment, Camfed has pledged to support one million girls in sub Saharan Africa on their journey through secondary school and in making the transition to a secure livelihood.

For more information, please visit or

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Action for Healthy Kids® and CSX® Transportation Advance Physical Activity within 287 Schools in 12 States

CHICAGO – September 22, 2014 – Action for Healthy Kids® (AFHK) announced today that it is partnering with CSX Transportation’s How Tomorrow Moves campaign in 287 schools across 12 states during the 2014-2015 school year. The work will focus on increasing daily physical activity for approximately 143,000 students. Additionally, CSX will host Get in the Action day of service events at select granted schools, where CSX employees will volunteer their time and resources to improve the schools’ physical activity environments.

Multiple studies show that kids who get regular physical activity experience improvements in both their fitness levels and brain function. Yet one in two U.S. students doesn’t receive PE in an average week. The funding from CSX recognizes the importance of physical activity on children’s health and helps to fill a gap in the national resources provided to schools for wellness initiatives.

“The CSX – Action for Healthy Kids connection is a great example of the company’s commitment to positively impact lives beyond our rails,” explained John Kitchens, director-Corporate Citizenship. “Through this effort we now offer opportunities for the kids in our communities to also benefit from wellness education and fitness experiences. We are helping schools develop solutions that raise the standard for physical activity among our youth and contribute to improved health in our communities.”

AFHK’s activities will aim to increase students’ physical activity to 30 minutes per day in school and influence them to be active for an additional 30 minutes per day outside of school; improve student knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around physical activity; and engage CSX employees and parents of students to support physical activity at school and at home.

The CSX-AFHK project will be implemented in schools in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia.

About Action for Healthy Kids©

Action for Healthy Kids is the nation’s leading nonprofit and volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment by helping schools become healthier places and our kids learn to eat right, be active every day and be ready to learn. In 2013 Action for Healthy Kids reached nearly 12.9 million students in 29,000 schools with the help of 75,000 volunteers and champions. More information is available at, on Facebook ( and on Twitter (

About CSX

CSX, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a premier transportation company. It provides rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck transload services and solutions to customers across a broad array of markets, including energy, industrial, construction, agricultural, and consumer products. For more than 185 years, CSX has played a critical role in the nation’s economic expansion and industrial development. Its network connects every major metropolitan area in the eastern United States, where nearly two-thirds of the nation’s population resides. It also links more than 240 short-line railroads and more than 70 ocean, river and lake ports with major population centers and small farming towns alike. More information about CSX Corporation and its subsidiaries is available at Like us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (

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The Lulu & Leo Fund Selects Sing for Hope for Grant

New York, NY, September 24, 2014The Lulu & Leo Fund has awarded a multi-year grant to Sing for Hope, it was announced today by Jennifer Goldschein, Executive Director, Lulu & Leo Fund. Sing for Hope, through the volunteer service of over 1,500 artists including opera singers, actors, visual artists and more, brings dynamic arts outreach programming to under-resourced communities throughout New York City.

“Sing for Hope is an incredible organization that ignites the spark of creative innovation for students of all ages and brings the power of the arts to those who need it most,” said Goldschein. “Their work perfectly embodies the mission of Lulu & Leo Fund which aims to inspire, educate and grow the hearts and minds of children in need. We could not be prouder to be supporting Sing for Hope in their extraordinary efforts.”

“Sing for Hope is honored to partner with the Lulu & Leo Fund to bring art – and hope – to our most vulnerable communities,” said Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus, Co-Executive Directors, Sing For Hope. “The support of the Lulu & Leo Fund speaks to the complementary missions of our two organizations and to our shared vision of ‘art for all.’ Our partnership will bring the transformational power of the arts to under-resourced areas where it is needed most, brightening lives. We are excited to embark on our next chapter with the Lulu & Leo Fund, and we are deeply grateful to the Krims and everyone at Lulu & Leo Fund for their innovative philanthropic leadership and their commitment to uplifting lives through the arts.”

The Lulu & Leo Fund grant will enable Sing for Hope to serve an additional 1,000 under-resourced individuals and will also support several of the organization’s programs including:

  • The Sing for Hope Healing Arts Program, which brings dynamic arts experiences to hospital patients, the disabled, seniors and veterans through Bedside Performances (personalized access to the arts for nonambulatory patients); Interactive Visits (the creation of a collaborative work of art) and Collaborative Concerts throughout the city.
  • The Sing for Hope Youth Arts Program, which is comprised of a range of educational programs for underserved youth in the greater New York area.
  • The Sing for Hope Community Arts Program that aims to enliven neighborhoods across New York City with public art projects throughout the year.

The Sing for Hope Youth Chorus, along with Broadway sensation and Sing for Hope volunteer, Blake Whyte, will perform at the 2nd Annual Lulu & Leo Fund Benefit: The Art of Healing at the Museum of the City of New York on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

Founded by Marina and Kevin Krim in November 2012 in memory of their two children, the Lulu & Leo Fund is a public foundation primarily focused on healing through art.

Previous grantees include Cool Culture, an organization that ensures that New York’s most diverse families with preschool-aged children have access to arts and culture as a way to increase literacy and learning in early childhood and to prepare children to succeed in school and Free Arts NYC program Parents and Children Together (PACT), which creates theme-based art experience for families. PACT’s activities are designed to increase parental involvement and graduate in complexity to encourage positive forms of family communication and sustained teamwork.

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Camfed Commits to Educate One Million Girls

Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard Announce CHARGE – a new Clinton Global Initiative Commitment for Girls’ Secondary Education

New York – September 24, 2014 – Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), an international nonprofit organization that invests in the education of girls and empowerment of young women in rural Africa, today announced their strategic goal to support one million girls through their secondary school education and into successful, secure livelihoods.

Camfed’s announcement is part of the Clinton Global Initiative’s CHARGE (The Collaborative for Harnessing Ambition and Resources for Girls’ Education) Commitment, which was announced by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the final day of the tenth annual CGI Annual Meeting in New York City.

“Our goal is to reach marginalized and excluded girls in rural communities in sub Saharan Africa and support them to complete a full cycle of secondary education,” said Lucy Lake, CEO of Camfed. “Our commitment to these students doesn’t end with graduation. We will work with them and support them to move forward from school into economic independence and positions of leadership.”

CHARGE is a top-priority promise that unites the efforts of Government, civil society organizations, and private sector corporations to work together towards one common goal in supporting the education of girls around the world. “We are excited and honored to sign up for this commitment,” said Lake. “This is an ambitious undertaking that will multiply opportunities for girls and young women in rural areas of Africa.”

Camfed will join 30 organizations in CHARGE to lift women and children out of poverty and pave the way for a better life, increased opportunity, better healthcare, and access to education. The other commitment partners include Discovery, Intel, Malala Fund, Microsoft, and Pearson, among many others. “We know when girls have access to quality education in both primary and secondary schools, cycles of poverty are broken, economies grow, glass ceilings crack and potential is unleashed,” said Secretary Clinton.

Heads of state, CEOs, philanthropists, influencers and media attended the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, which wraps up today. The CGI has been highly successful in its mission to create social change. Since the program was launched in 2005, nearly 3,000 commitments have been made and fulfilled, impacting the lives of more than 430 million people.

In addition to Camfed’s own announcement, Pearson, in partnership with Camfed, will publicly commit to offer BTEC qualifications to 5,000 Camfed Learner Guides in Ghana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The 5,000 Learner Guides are young women school graduates who will return to school to teach and guide more than 150,000 girls to improve their attendance, retention and education in secondary school. Through the BTEC, a transferable vocational qualification, Learner Guides will acquire an important, internationally benchmarked qualification that provides a stepping stone into formal higher education and teacher training.

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Calvert Foundation Announces Commitment to Invest $20 Million Through the WIN-WIN Initiative

Bethesda, MD, September 24, 2014 — Calvert Foundation announced a commitment to invest $20 million through the Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN) today at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York. This new stage of investment will focus on empowering girls and women through increasing access to clean energy technologies and fuels.

The new investment follows an initial $20 million investment through WIN-WIN to empower women around the world. Building on findings from the WIN-WIN pilot, Calvert Foundation will partner with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and others to identify investment targets that increase access to clean energy products for developing countries, a sector that has an outsized impact on women’s health and livelihoods. The investments will be made through financial intermediaries and funds.

Calvert Foundation President and CEO Jennifer Pryce commented “WIN-WIN showed us that viewing our investment portfolio through a gender lens could open up opportunities to empower women in new and powerful ways. When we processed the findings of the initial WIN-WIN portfolio, we saw that our investments in organizations that develop products like clean cookstoves and solar lighting were creating a big impact, because they address women’s health at a very basic level.”




The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves will partner with Calvert Foundation to provide technical assistance to social enterprises that develop and market these technologies. Calvert Foundation will also leverage the Alliance’s awareness-building work, standards and testing program, and research platform, all of which contribute to enabling the market and increasing demand for quality clean cooking technologies and fuels.

“Clean cookstoves and fuels represent one of the most cost-effective mechanisms for addressing climate change while delivering women’s health and livelihood benefits,” said Radha Muthiah, executive director of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. “Donors and investors need to work together to structure the right instruments to finance the growth of the clean cooking sector. That’s why our partnership with Calvert Foundation and WIN-WIN is so important. It gives us a window into the private capital markets, whose support will be critical to meeting the needs of the 3 billion people worldwide affected or dependent on food cooked on open fires.”

Calvert Foundation expects to start making investments in November, and begin raising capital through its network of 5,000+ individual investors through its online investment platform


About Calvert Foundation

Calvert Foundation enables people to invest for social good. Through its flagship Community Investment Note, Calvert Foundation has raised $1 billion in investment from more than 15,000 investors to invest in hundreds of nonprofits and social enterprises worldwide. Investor dollars empower women, fund the construction of affordable housing, provide loans to small business owners, increase access to health care, and support fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

About Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private partnership hosted by the United Nations Foundation to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions. The Alliance’s 100 by ‘20 goal calls for 100 million households to adopt clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels by 2020. The Alliance is working with its public, private and non-profit partners to help overcome the market barriers that currently impede the production, deployment, and use of clean cookstoves and fuels in developing countries.

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